The Road
World War I
Susan M. Pojer and Debra Solomon
Horace Greeley HS Hollidaysburg HS
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
Britain out of European power politics
concentrated on Empire
Became worried about Germany’s rising
1896--Germany sends Kruger Telegram
to Boers in South Africa, who were at
war with Britain
1898—Build-up of German navy began
Colonial Rivalries: Asia in 1914
The British Empire in 1914
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
Bismark created alliances with
Germany’s potential enemies in
Europe and encouraged France in
France remained isolated in Europe
until 1890
Kaiser Wilhelm II refused to renew the
Russo-German Reinsurance Treaty,
although Russia wanted to do so
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
1891--France and Russia sign
preliminary agreement
1894—they become military allies
1904—Franco-British Entente over
British rule in Egypt and French
power in Morocco
Moroccan crisis and Algeciras
Conference of 1906 push Great
Britain and France together
The Balkans in 1878
Austria-Hungary Problems 1873-1914
1866-Austro-Prussian War
1867—Ausgleich (Compromise) Dual
monarchy created
Nationalities in Austria: Germans,
Italians, Czechs, Poles, Slovenes,
Nationalities in Hungary: Magyars,
Slovaks, Ruthenians/Ukranians,
Croats, Serbs, Romanians
Austria-Hungary Problems 1873-1914
Austro-Slavism: unite Slavs
under Hapsburgs
Serbia: Unite Slavs in Austrian
Russia—Pan-Slavism: Unite all
Ottoman Empire Problems 1873-1914
Sick Man of Europe
1832: Greek Independence
1875: Nationalist Rebellion
1878: Serbian/Romanian
Austria-Hungary: right to
administer Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
1. Three Emperors’ League (1873)
 Ger, A-H, Rus.
2.Dual Alliance (1879)  Ger. & AH
3.Triple Alliance (1882) Ger, AH, It.
4.Reinsurance Treaty (1887) 
restore relations between Ger. &
Ottoman Empire problems: 1873-1914
Some of Bulgaria became
autonomous as did Wallachia
1908: Austria formally annexed
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Serbia enraged/looks to Russia
for help
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
1.Franco-Russian Alliance
2.British-Japanese Alliance
3.The Entente Cordiale (1904)
 Br. & Fr.
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
8. First Moroccan Crisis (1905)
Germany wanted to test FrGB alliance
9. Russo-Japanese War (1905)
10.The Anglo-Russian Convention
(1907)  Persia
11.Triple Entente (1907)  Br,
Fr, Rus
Tensions & Conflicts: 1873-1914
8. The Bosnian Crisis of 1908
9. Second Moroccan Crisis (1911)
10.The First Balkan War (1912)
Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria
11.The Second Balkan War
Serbia vs Bulgeria(1913)
Austria forced Serbia to give
up Albania
The Balkan Wars: 1912-1913
Europe in 1914
The Balkans in 1914