Retired & Senior
Volunteer Program
of St. Mary’s County
Providing Meaningful and
Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities
For Seniors 55+ Years of Age
Did You Know?
In 2013, 284 RSVP volunteers donated
36,546 hours of service to local county
agencies, community groups, and nonprofit organizations in St. Mary’s County,
valued at $842,385!* That dollar amount
represents a return on the county’s
investment of more than 2,000 percent!
*(Volunteer time in Maryland is valued at $23.05 per hour, per
Independent Sector, a national non-profit research group.)
Thanks to Our County
Thanks to our County Commissioners for
your support of RSVP for more than 30
years. You have helped our Senior
Volunteer Program thrive, grow, and
succeed. Your ongoing support allows
our volunteers to continue their good
work of community service. Thank you!
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
of St. Mary’s County
Where Seniors
are Our
Greatest Natural Resource!
RSVP Community Advisory
Committee Members
 Shirley Dickerson
 JoAnne Easton
 Doris Faulk
 Dr. René Grace
 Daniel Hinz
 Mary Ruth Horton – Chair
 Gail Murdock
 Deloris Poole
 Dr. Beth Roth – Vice Chair
 Marian Trossbach
Senior Volunteers
Promote Healthy Futures,
Independent Living,
& Aging Well
Through Volunteer Services
to Our Community
Meals on Wheels Volunteers
RSVP Meals on Wheels
Volunteers deliver hot, nutritious
meals five days per week to
homebound seniors and persons
with disabilities, ensuring they get
the nutrition they need to stay
healthy and remain living
independently in their own homes.
RSVP Meals on Wheels Volunteer
Jess Davis
Senior Rides Volunteers
RSVP Senior Rides
Volunteers utilize their own
vehicles to provide door-todoor transportation services
for homebound seniors,
helping them get to doctor’s
appointments, pharmacies,
and other medical services.
This volunteer effort helps
homebound seniors get the
health services they need to
remain living independently
in their own homes.
RSVP Senior Rides Volunteer
Ron Gronert
RSVP ACTS Volunteers
Volunteers with ACTS,
A Community That Shares,
receive, repair, and
distribute donated medical
equipment and assistive
devices – such as
wheelchairs, canes, and
walkers – to homebound
seniors, persons with
disabilities, and individuals
recuperating from medical
procedures FREE of
RSVP ACTS Volunteer
Kathy Nash
Health Fair Volunteers
RSVP Health Fair Volunteers
support a large, annual
Community Health Fair
sponsored by the St. Mary’s
County Department of Aging
& Human Services. Hundreds
of local citizens receive flu
shots, health screenings, and
information about local health
services and resources at
this large-scale event. St.
Mary’s County residents are
healthier thanks to RSVP
senior volunteers!
RSVP Health Fair Volunteers
Margie Rhinehart
& Audrey Haynie
Promote Healthy Futures
In Many Other Ways
• Food Pantry Volunteers
RSVP Volunteers at the Helping
Hands Food Pantry and H.O.P.E. of
Lexington Park are providing food to
individuals and families during their
time of need. Volunteers purchase,
stock, bag, and distribute groceries
to help needy families, persons with
disabilities, unemployed veterans,
seniors on fixed income, and others
who are experiencing financial
hardship. The food they provide
ensures that the persons they serve
continue to receive the nutrition they
need to remain healthy.
RSVP Helping Hands Volunteer
Joyce Mayor
Helping Hands Food Pantry
 Provided
food to 2,354 families and a total
of 6,463 persons in need in 2013
 The
average family receives $40 worth of
groceries when they visit the Food Pantry.
 Helping
Hands provided approximately
$94,160 worth of groceries in 2013.
Friendly Visitation Volunteers
RSVP Volunteers provide friendly
visitation services to persons in
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home and
local nursing homes. The individual
attention, companionship, and
listening ear they provide help to
prevent feelings of loneliness and
isolation while promoting healthy
social integration and feelings of
connectedness and self-worth.
RSVP Volunteer
Michael Kolenick & His Dog, Bobbie
Museum & Park Volunteers
RSVP Volunteers at St. Clements
Island Museum, Piney Point
Lighthouse & Maritime Museum,
Historic St. Mary’s City, Greenwell
State Park, and Summerseat Farm
foster a healthy appreciation of our
region’s rich historic, cultural, and
environmental heritage. Through
educational programs, tours, and
other activities, RSVP volunteers
are helping to promote a lasting
sense of value for the place we call
home, St. Mary’s County.
St. Clement’s Island Museum Volunteer
Michael Barbour
RSVP Volunteers Promote Healthy
Futures in Multiple Ways!
Both Shirley Dickerson and Deborah
Johnstone were nominated for the
2014 Woman of the Year Award for
their outstanding volunteer
contributions to our community!
Shirley serves as “Director of First
Impressions” at Loffler Senior Activity
Center. She also volunteers at the
annual Community Health Fair and
helps host Women’s Wellness Day.
Congratulations to these two outstanding
RSVP women!
Deb Johnstone volunteers with
Senior Rides, Hospice, Commission
on Aging, Piney Pt. Lighthouse
Museum, LIFE, Health Fair, and
AARP Tax Aide Program!
RSVP Volunteers Promote
Healthy Futures in More Ways!
Hospice Volunteers – Provide Patient Care, Respite Care for Family Members,
Medication Delivery, Even Yoga Training for Staff!
Senior Vibes Volunteers – Provide Musical Entertainment & “Food for the
Soul” to residents of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, St. Mary’s Nursing &
Rehabilitation Center, and Cedar Lane Senior Housing Community
Northern Homemaker Volunteers – Knit & sew homemade items that they
donate to persons in need, children in the hospital, orphanages, and more
Learning is ForEver (LIFE) Program Volunteers – Provide Enriching,
Educational Outreach Programming for Seniors to promote ongoing learning
Adult Literacy Volunteers – Promote educational and economic health by
helping adults gain the literacy skills they need to gain employment
RSVP Volunteers Promote
Healthy Futures in More Ways!
National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association Volunteers –
Provide Benefits Counseling and Information to Federal Retirees, promoting
financial health and independence.
AARP Tax Aide Volunteers – Provide free tax filing services to seniors and
persons on limited income, helping them maintain financial health by using
their limited resources on other essentials of daily living.
St. Mary’s Adult Medical Day Care Volunteers – Provide daily living support
services for seniors so that family members can work, thereby helping seniors
and persons with disabilities remain living at home.
Adult Literacy Tutors – Promote educational/economic health by helping
adults gain the literacy skills they need to gain driver’s license & employment
St. Mary’s County Emergency Services Volunteers -- Provide emergency
assistance to persons at their time of greatest need, helping to save lives.
RSVP Volunteers Promote
Healthy Futures By Saving Lives!
RSVP Volunteers Ronnie & Linda Talton
serve at Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue
Squad. Linda is an EMT who provides
emergency services and helps with
auxiliary fundraising events.
Ronnie, a certified ambulance driver and
Emergency Medical Responder, was
selected as Rescue Squad Member of the
Year, logging in 2,967 hours in 2013!
Among his many honors this past year,
Ronnie received a Life-Saving Efforts
award and CPR Save recognition from the
St. Mary’s County Medical Director, Dr.
Michael Somers. Two individuals are alive
today thanks to him and his crew.
Senior Activity Center Volunteers
Promote Healthy Futures:
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructors
Cycling Program Instructor
Group Activity Leaders
Congregate Meals & Meals on Wheels Kitchen Help
Center Decoration & Beautification Project Assistants
Arts & Crafts Instructors
Senior Activity Centers
Promote Healthy Living
Senior Activity Centers promote healthy living through a
wide range of programs and activities aimed at maintaining
and improving the health of the whole person as they age.
 Exercise, fitness, health, and nutrition programs promote
physical health.
 Education programs promote ongoing learning,
intellectual stimulation, and mental health.
 Group activities offer social engagement and peer
support while promoting emotional and psychological
We Encourage RSVP Volunteers
to Participate in
Senior Activity Center Programs
We want to promote healthy
futures for our RSVP volunteers,
and encourage you to take
advantage of the many wonderful
programs and activities offered at
our Senior Activity Centers and
through Department of Aging &
Human Services.
RSVP Volunteer Jackie Bushway
takes part in a Yoga Class at
Loffler Senior Activity Center.
Senior Activity Centers
Offer Free Gyms!
RSVP Volunteers Michael Kolenick and Bob
Bain get in an early morning work-out at the
Loffler Senior Activity Center Gym.
Senior Activity Centers
Promote Fitness for Life
Fitness for Life focuses on the
whole person by encouraging
activities that promote:
Future RSVP Volunteer Ella Burton
utilizes the gym facilities at
Northern Senior Activity Center.
Senior Volunteers,
Our Community,
& Healthy Futures for All
Senior Volunteers are contributing to the Health & Quality of
Life in Our Community in many meaningful ways.
Senior Volunteers reap many health benefits from volunteering
– by helping others and by remaining actively engaged in the
life of our community.
Our Community supports our Senior Volunteers by offering
healthy living programs and activities.
We want our senior volunteers to live long, healthy lives!!
To find out more about volunteer
opportunities for seniors 55+, contact:
Norine Rowe, Manager, RSVP of St. Mary’s County
Phone: 301-737-5670, ext. 1653; [email protected]
Holly “Kim” Clarke, RSVP Office Specialist
Phone: 301-737-5670, ext. 1650; [email protected]
RSVP Office Location: Loffler Senior Activity Center, 21905
Chancellors Run Road, Great Mills, MD 20634. Fax: 240-237-8132
Mailing Address: RSVP, c/o Dept. of Aging & Human Services, P.O.
Box 653, Leonardtown, MD 20650
Retired & Senior
Volunteer Program
of St. Mary’s County
Providing Meaningful and
Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities
For Seniors 55+ Years of Age

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