The Voices of 4-H History Project
Vision: To increase public awareness
of the Cooperative Extension Service
and the
4-H Youth Development Program
during the 2014 Centennial Year.
Voices of 4-H History
• The National 4-H History Preservation Team is launching
a 4-H Voices History Project in 2013.
• The purpose of the project is to capture - in audio, video,
and/or written form - the remembrances of past 4-H
members, volunteers, and staff.
• This project is timed to correspond with the 100 year
celebration of the Smith-Lever Act in 2014.
How It Works
• 4-H Members conduct interviews
• Capture the stories of former 4-H members, volunteers,
staff, and
• Selected interviews shared for 2014 Centennial
Celebration of Cooperative Extension
• Can feature projects be local/state media
Organizational History and
Personal History
Personal and community based 4-H history
Story of the 4-H organization
Diverse perspectives
Highlight changes over time
Voices of 4-H History Products
States can submit up to five products. We reserve the right
to only post quality submissions.
1 - 3 minute audio clip of an interview
30 - 90 second video of an interview
3 - 5 minute audio or video montage
1 - 2 pages of written remembrances
A/V and Transcript Standards
• Video - AVI or WMV
• Audio – WAV
• Transcript – Text (txt) or Rich Text Format RTF
Support from the National 4-H
History Preservation Team
Training provided via distance technology:
• Project design and management
• Interview questions and techniques
• Formatting and packaging
Support from the National 4-H
History Preservation Team
Written training materials and resources on the
4-H History Preservation website:
Support from the National 4-H
History Preservation Team
4-H and Extension Curriculum and Documents:
Michigan 4-H History Project
Montana State University Movie Magic Project
University of Missouri Extension A History of Me
4-H Filmmaking Studio at
Support from the National 4-H
History Preservation Team
• Technical assistance by sub-committee members as
Pause for questions and discussion
Finding People to Interview
National and State Award Winners
National and State 4-H Hall of Fame
International Exchange Participants
State and County 4-H Staff
National and State 4-H Contest Participants
Conducting Successful Voices of
4-H History Interviews
• Select 2-3 questions for the interviewee
• If possible, provide the questions in advance to the
• Put the interviewee at ease by capturing “for the record”
4-H Interview Questions
Past Members
Donors and Partners
What questions would you suggest?
Voices of 4-H History
Potential Pilot Test States
• Connecticut
• Alaska
• California
• West Virginia
• Rhode Island
Voices of 4-H History Timeline
Conduct Training Event(s) for August/September
Adobe Connect – real-time and recorded
Monthly follow up conference calls
Plan for sharing lessons-learned in Orlando and help with 4-H
History display
Getting Started
Goals and Actions
• 100 stories from 50 states, DC and U.S. Territories!
• Associations contribute to state celebrations
• Serve as a mentor to 4-H members
• Training and resources will be provided via distance technology
and on the 4-H Voices History Project website.
Voices of 4-H History
Learn more about the 4-H Voices History Project at the 4-H History
Preservation website:
If you are interested but not sure who to contact in your state,
please send an E-Mail to:
Kendra Wells [email protected]
Tom Tate [email protected]

90-Second PPT of Historical 4-H Images Used at NAE4