Jurassic Park: 3rd Conditional
Alan Grant
Ian Malcolm
Donald Gennaro
The annoying kids
Dennis Nedry
The Story
Jurassic Park is a theme park where scientists have
brought dinosaurs back from extinction. The owner
invites some experts to come and visit the park to try it
out before it opens to the public.
However, while the guests are enjoying a tour of the
park, one of the park’s employees (Dennis Nedry) tries
to steal dinosaur embryos. To escape from the park he
switches off all the electric fences and the dinosaurs
escape and kill and eat several people.
How could things have been different?
Dennis stole the embryos and switched off the electric
fences to escape. As a result, all the dinosaurs escaped
and killed and ate people.
If Dennis hadn’t switched off the electric fences, the
dinosaurs wouldn’t have escaped.
3rd Conditional formula:
If + past perfect (had/hadn’t + past participle), result
would + have + past participle.
Watch the video
Now watch the video of the T-rex attack and
make as many 3rd conditional sentences as you
can. Think about the character’s actions and
their consequences.

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