Neo-Babylonian Empire!!

Dr. Kristen H & Dr. Izzy N
Hello! We are Historians, but we would
much rather have you call us by Dr Kristen and
Dr Izzy. It would be pretty weird if you just said
“Hey Historian!” But that is not what we are
here to discuss right now. We have got our
degreed from U of M, and that is where we
learned all our useful information. We have
come to tell you why we think that the NeoBabylonians were the most accomplished
empire. Throughout the time that King
Nebuchadrezzar II ruled. Read on to find out.
As historians we think that Neo-Babylonian accomplished
the most from there great ideas and smarts. They were
great at math and astronomy they created the first
sundial, a device for telling time using the sun. The led
us to discoveries that led us to the 60 minute hour and
the seven day week. They also built an inner and an
outer wall and a moat for double the defense of their
Empire. The wall was so thick that two chariots could
pass through on top of each other.
The Neo Babylonians also created the Hanging
Gardens of Babylon. There were trees, bushes,
and many other beautiful plants. It was very
beautiful and one of the ancient wonders of the
world. Even though the empire was right smack
In the middle of the desert, the accomplished to
make the Hanging Gardens very beautiful.
Some people may say “So what’s the big deal
about this empire, they only ruled for 75 years!”
But we would say back, “Even though the NeoBabylonians ruled for only 75 years, we still
think they still accomplished the most out of all
the other empires. Because they made the most
inventions and discoveries in our opinion.”
Well thanks for listening to our reasons why
we think the Neo-Babylonians accomplished
more than any other empire. Because of
their great inventions, they went down in
history and was one of the greatest Empires