Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
21 January 2013
“Remember! Celebrate! Act!”
King was born on
January 15, 1929 at 501
Auburn Ave., on the
second floor of the
Queen Anne-style house
owned by his grandfather
A.D. Williams.
Today, "Sweet Auburn”, largely within a national
historic site and a
the prosperous black
neighborhood that was preservation district, a
reminder of Atlanta's
home to King and his
parents, grandparents, role in pushing a tide of
change in America.
brother and sister, lies
Ebenezer Baptist church: IPIX view from outside the church
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is welcomed
with a kiss by his wife Coretta after leaving
court in Montgomery, Ala., March 22, 1956.
Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and his son
Dexter greet parishioners at Atlanta's Ebenezer
Baptist Church after Sunday services in 1964.
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. looks at the glass door
of his rented beach cottage in St. Augustine, Fla., that
was shot into on June 5, 1964.
A rare moment of leisure for King: playing
pool in February 1966.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sits in a jail cell in the
Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Ala.
on November 3, 1967.
Civil Rights Leaders (L to R) John Lewis, Whitney
Young, A. Philip Randolph, Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr., James Farmer,and Roy Wilkins
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nobel Peace Prize - 1964
signing the
Civil Rights
Act of 1964
into law, with
Martin Luther
King, Jr.,
looking on
Martin Luther King III, son of the slain civil
rights leader, places a wreath at his father’s
tomb in Atlanta at he conclusion of a day-long
celebration of his father’s 40th birthday.
President Ronald Reagan signs legislation enacting
the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
President Ronald Reagan signs legislation enacting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
In Celebration of
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Complied and edited by Susan Ging Lent

Martin Luther King Jr Day