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Ancient Greece
Ancient Olympic Race
The Ancient Greek Olympics
most of our knowledge from the early games is from
the greek historians Strabo(64 BC - 24 AD) and
Pausanias(110 - 180 AD)
dedicated to the gods
■ specifically to Zeus
■ there were many rituals and times of sacrifice during the
■ the dominant competitors gained possession of the
sanctuary which was a political asset
Accounts of the first games
■ took place in Olympia in 776 BC
■ was thought that a breed of human like creatures raced in order
to entertain Zeus
● Zeus awarded them metals based on their performance
The Ancient Greek Olympics
Origins Continued ■
other sources claim that the dactyls never raced but instead a
cook from Elis named Koroibos was the first champion of the
○ it is assumed that many greeks put this event in
higher regard than other religious ones
■ The other main festival being the Eleusinian Mysteries
the games settle disputes between city-states
○ games demonstrated a balance between spirituality
and physical strength
○ the ancient olympic games slowly died out due to
the influence of Roman culture and religion
The Ancient Greek Olympics
Main Events● the stadion was the main event until 724 BC
- it was a race that lasted for the length of a stadium (192 m)
- typically lasted for around a day
● Chariot racing(Equestrian) was first introduced in 680 BC
- the games were extended by a day to accommodate for the duration of
the new event
- a chariot team was said to have cost 5 talents
● Eventually other events such as Javelin, discus and wrestling were
officially added
The Ancient Greek Olympics
Impact on Modern Society● The first modern Olympics was held in 1896 in Athens,
● Many attributes of the new games differ from the original
○ religion is less emphasized
○ many new games were added
○ the games now focus on humanity and our collective
achievements rather than the earlier competition
The Greek Gymnasium
Origins● The Greek Gymnasium was a place that young men
came to study many things.
● It was a training facility.
● Inside the Gymnasium the young men were usually
naked while wrestling.
● Most important cities in Greece had one.
● Olympians would usually travel in xystos.
● At the gym the boys trained and the men relaxed.
● The competitions that occurred were usually for a
person like the gods.
The Greek Gymnasium
Impact on the world● They didn’t become popular.
● In the middle ages a revival of sorts came by
● The gym is no longer for one purpose.
● Several cultures did eventually use it.
● It started in the US around the 1820s.
● Around 1900 the gyms became the modern
day ones we know now.
Famous Greek Athletes
● Astylos of Croton from southern Italy.
- 6 victory olive wreaths in 3 Olympiad.
-In his first 2 he took part as a member of Syracuse.
-The people of Croton did not like this.
● Milon of Croton.
-6 time olympic champ.
-He was the best wrestler until his 7th try.
● Kyniska of Sparta
-Daughter of King Archidamus.
-First woman in the Olympics.
-She participated in the chariot races and equestrian
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