Keystone Review

L.F.2.3.5 Explain, interpret, compare, describe,
analyze, and/or evaluate tone, style, and/or mood in a
variety of fiction:
 How does the author’s style help to create the mood
of the passage?
 A. The descriptive language creates a relaxing
 B. The objective language creates an indifferent
 C. The complex language creates a formal mood.
 D. The sarcastic language creates an irritated mood.
L.F.2.3.6 Explain, interpret, compare, describe,
analyze, and/or evaluate point of view in a
variety of fiction:
Why is an omniscient narrator most likely used
to describe events in the passage?
A. to develop a biased attitude toward Allysa
B. to provide further understanding of both
sisters’ feelings
C. to explain why Allysa had been away from
home for so long
D. to describe the conditions on the family
Early Americans were very brave. They
came to a new land to escape religious
persecution in Britain. Many of them had
no idea how the course of America’s
history would be shaped by them taking
a stand for their rights. Years later, their
progeny would also take a stand – also
in response to perceived violations of the
rights of the Americans at the hands of
the British monarchy.
L.F.2.4.1 Interpret and analyze works from
a variety of genres for literary, historical,
and/or cultural significance.
 Based on the passage, which American
cultural idea is most emphasized?
 A. frugality
 B. independence
 C. love for land
 D. respect for rights
L.F.2.5.1 Identify, explain, interpret, describe, and/or
analyze the effects of personification, simile, metaphor,
hyperbole, satire, foreshadowing, flashback, imagery,
allegory, symbolism, dialect, allusion, and irony in a text.
Read the sentence from the passage.
“Javier’s fancy white shirt and blue-striped silk tie with a
gold-rimmed gem shone brightly as he sat down at the
dinner table among his commonly dressed family.”
What is the effect of the imagery used to describe Javier’s
A. It shows Javier feels superior to his family.
B. It implies Javier feels uncomfortable around his family.
C. It emphasizes the differences between Javier and his
D. It suggests the time of year that Javier visits his family.
Roses are red,
 Violets are blue.
 I wish I was at home,
 And so do you!
L.F.2.5.2 Identify, explain, and analyze
the structure of poems and sound
 What is the rhyme scheme of the first
stanza of the poem?
 A. a b c b
 B. a b a b
 C. a b c a
 D. a b c d
L.F.2.5.3 Identify and analyze how stage
directions, monologue, dialogue, soliloquy,
and dialect support dramatic script.
Which stage direction from the passage
best reveals insight into James’ personality?
A. “(He rises from the chair.)”
B. “(as he walks toward the door)”
C. “(with a certain solemnity)”
D. “(He turns and recites the words.)”