Officer Applications/Elections
• Application is posted on our website
• Wednesday, April 15th : Application DUE at 10
– Email to
• Friday, April 17th : Elections for VP and P
• Monday, April 20th: Interviews for Chairs
Presidential Positions
• Co-President (Organization)
– Oversees the processes of planning all events
including outreach, socials, skill building days, and
the hackathon
– Leads officer meetings
• Co-President (Project)
– Ensures that all of the teams are on track and
provides support and resources to further the
team’s success
– Leads project team meetings
Vice President Positions
• VP Project
– Coordinates projects, poster presentations, and
conference attendance
– Identifies new avenues for funding
– Applies for grants and conferences
• VP Organization
– Coordinates external events, speakers, and tours
– Maintains official documents, waivers, and calendar
– Assists all of the chairs with logistics of their events.
• VP Finance
– Manages finances for organization and project teams
– Oversees grant applications and reimbursements
Chair Positions
• Outreach Chair
– Oversees outreach events and the STEM program
• Social Chair
– Organize social event for members, officers, and project
• Hackathon Chair
– Organizes the HealthHack that takes place in Winter
– Liaison for other hackathon events
• Workshop Chair
– Organizes skill days and workshops to be held 1-2 times
each quarter
More Chair Positions
• TESC Representative
– Attends TESC meetings to act as a liaison for EWH
• Publicity Chair
– Maintains website and Facebook page
– Creates fliers to publicize events
– Takes pictures during events