Physical Therapy Career Powerpoint

By: Caitlin McCullough
• Physical Therapists are
people that help others
that are injured or
physically disabled
• They help you increase
strength and decrease
• They want to make sure
that you will be able to
do exactly what you were
able to do before
• How many years of
college you have to go
• You have to go to
• What their salary is in a
college to be one
• There are jobs open
• How many days in a
all over the U.S.
week they have to work?
• They help injured
• What kind of benefits
people recover
they receive?
• They need to be
• What different types of
people oriented
• There are many
colleges that offer a
physical therapy
physical therapists there
• Diagnosing a patient incorrectly
• Not getting along with the people you work with
• Hurting myself or the patient during work
• Having a downfall of jobs available for physical
• Giving bad news to a patient
• To help as many patients as possible
• Let them recover quickly
• Classes in high school that are good to take are:
Anatomy and Physiology, Health Education, and
Introduction to Health Care
• You need to attend at least 5 years of college
• Complete a bachelor’s degree and have a master’s in
physical therapy
• You need to complete an internship after college and
pass an exam
• Most physical therapists work a full, 40-hour week
• You can still work in a physical therapy office and just be
an assistant or work at the front office
• Wages depend on where
you live and how long
you’ve been practicing
• You will not make as
much at the beginning of
your career as you will at
the end
• Beginning salary is
about $52,000 a year
• Eventually you can make
up to $100,000 a year
• Physical therapists get very
good benefits, such as: paid
vacation, sick leave, and
health insurance
• The future employability
will be good because of the
amount of surgeries going
on right now
• The World War II vets will
also play a big role in that
because more and more are
experiencing stroke and
• Born in Hickory, Virginia in 1914
• Became a physical therapist and began
working with World War II soldiers
• Invented a device that allowed amputees to
feed themselves
• Was shut down many times by the United
States Veteran’s Administration for her
• Later discovered the need for emesis basin
• Finally realized her love of forensic science
and became a forensic scientist
• Later became the first African-American
woman to work for England’s Scotland Yard
1. What classes did you take to prepare for college?
2. Do you enjoy working with the people you work
with or would you rather work by yourself?
3. How do you cope with the stresses of work and
4. What made you decide that you wanted to be a
physical therapist?
5. Did you always know you wanted to be a physical
therapist or did you change your mind many
• My news article discussed the
need for patients to refer
themselves to physical therapy
• It stated that this would improve
ones health
• This article was very hard to find
because there are not many about
physical therapy
• Other information about my topic
was easy to find though
• I feel that this profession is
perfect for me
• Learning all about it has made
me want to pursue it even more
than before
• College may be a drag but I
can get through it knowing what
the outcome will be
• It will be a great job to support
a family and I’ll have extra time
to spend with them