Welcome to Franciscan Spirituality!

Welcome to Franciscan Spirituality!
Pilgrimage is at least as much about
coming home to ourselves, wherever we
find ourselves, as it is about leaving all
that is comfortable to us in order to find
something that we’ve never seen or known
A Brief Summary of Our Itinerary
June 13-21, 2010
We depart Cincinnati Sunday
morning (June 13) and fly to
Monday, June 14
After clearing customs,
we drive toward Assisi
but stop for an
orientation in Greccio
Our bus ride helps us enter into the spirit of
medieval pilgrimage:
What do we bring with us on this trip? What is
our intention for this trip?
• Francis’ creation of the
first creche at Greccio
helps us enter into the
reality of Christ’s
We talk about the many
ways we have experienced
our humanity and what
it means to say that God
walks with us
As we talk and
pray we realize
that, although
time and space
separate us
from Francis
and Clare, we
share a great
deal in our
lived, human
Evening meals give us a chance to
get to know one another…
Tuesday, June 15
• Our day begins with a
walking tour of Assisi.
The city comes alive with
sounds and colors.
• The town of Assisi
becomes our classroom
as we stop and
contemplate the places
where Francis and
Clare grew up.
And in the afternoon we head off to nearby Perugia, where Francis
was imprisoned for a year after being captured in battle.
We visit the Umbrian National Gallery of Art to enter
into the spirit of medieval religious practice and to give
us a sense of the growing understanding of the
incarnation during Francis’ lifetime
Violence and Vulnerability
• Afterward we descend
into the bowels of the
modern city and
recreate the time of
Francis’ capture and
imprisonment in
Perugia--his first
experience of
vulnerability. He
became seriously ill in
prison, succumbing to
In our evening
reflection we recall the
ways that we, too,
have experienced
vulnerability, pain, and
the confusion of deep,
Wednesday, June 16: Assisi
• In the morning we reflect on
the critical moment of Francis’
conversion: the encounter
with the leper...
And in the afternoon we
re-enact Francis’
dramatic self-stripping
before the bishop.
Thursday, June 17:
La Verna
Sacred site of
We explore the
mystery of death
and resurrection:
What, in us, needs
to die, in order
that we might live
more deeply in
The valley below La Verna
Friday, June 18: San Damiano
“Francis, rebuild
my church. Can’t
you see it’s in
We explore the simplicity
of the Franciscan
lifestyle and especially…
The Healing
Charism of
Saturday, June 19
• Quiet time at San Damiano is followed by a
silent walk down to the Portiuncula where
Francis spent much of his life
Quiet time at San
Damiano precedes
a walk to the
Sunday, June 20: Day of Rest
Before our final banquet…
Enjoy the magic
of Italy, the
warmth of Assisi,
the fellowship of