Chapter Secretaries’
Dale Roscovich
Chapter Relations Administrator
Jason Ciastko
Comcast Communications
Michiana Chapter
com·mu·ni·cate-to give or interchange thoughts, feelings,
information, or the like, by writing, speaking, etc.:
-to express thoughts, feelings, or information easily
or effectively.
- to be joined or connected
Communication is Key
Chapter membership
Chapter board
SCTE headquarters
Chapter Webmaster
- Events, meetings, Board is current on
chapter Web site
Position Responsibilities
• Maintain Chapter Records and Documents
-Bylaws, Board Meeting Minutes, Meeting
Reports, Strategic Plan
-Chapter Membership and Participant Lists
-Chapter Board Contact List
Chapter Compliance
Secretary Information
• Review Bylaws
– Annual Review – report sent
by Jan 30 or within 30 days
of the election
– New bylaws required for
– Submit changes or signed
review form
– Available on
– Changes are approved by
Operations Committee
• Board Meetings
– Meets 4x per year
• Minutes emailed to
Chapter Support, if
received within 10 days
of meeting +5
Chapter Compliance
Secretary Information
• Board
– Current SCTE Membership
• SCTE checks on a
quarterly basis
• Chapter Board
Contact Sheet
- Available in MS Word
• Email, Fax, or Mail to
• Board list on SCTE
Web site
• Chaplist is updated
• Membership Directory
and Databases are
Chapter Compliance
Secretary Information
• Election information
- Call for Nominations to chapter membership
- Ballot
- Results
- Communications to chapter membership
- Election Results to headquarters
Chapter Compliance Award
Secretary Information
Professional Development
– Technical training hours (30 hours)
• Meeting reports and attendance roster submitted
within 30 days of the meeting +10
Bank Signature Card
– Copy of new card or notification that it is current should
be received by April 30
– SCTE staff member must be signer
2010 Compliance and Awards Matrix
Quarterly Reports
Bank Signature Card current
Financial report, schedules, bank
statements and bank reconciliation
completed and submitted
Headquarters to receive reports within 30
days after the close of a Quarter. At an
absolute minimum all financial reports
must be turned in by January 30th.
Headquarters to receive reports within 15
days after the close of a Quarter
Copies received in Exton with current
Copy of new Card received by April 30 or
Board and signators on account.
Email notification received noting that no
Approved SCTE staff member MUST BE
changes were made
a signer on account.
Compliance & Bonus 5 points
for having it in within 30 days
after close of Quarter
10 points
Chapter Board
Meets Regularly
SCTE membership
Election Results
Annual review and/or update of Chapter
Minimum of 4 times per year
Entire board are current SCTE members
Yearly election dates, candidates and
results are submitted.
Notification of review, changes or new
bylaws submitted to headquarters by Jan.
30 or within 30 days of election
Copy of minutes sent to headquarters
Copy of minutes sent to headquarters
within 10 days; Points awarded for 4
meetings max
When board contact information
submitted, headquarters will check
Report submitted to headquarters by Jan.
30 or within 30 days of election
5 points
Professional Development
Technical Training
Meeting reports and attendance rosters
Minimum of 30 technical training hours to
submitted to headquarters within 30 days
be provided per year
of the close of each Quarter
Meeting Reports and attendance rosters
submitted to headquarters within 30 days
of the meeting
10 points
Affiliated Members
Minimum of 50 chapter affiliated SCTE
Membership numbers pulled on December
Matrix Changes for 2010
Affiliated members
• Minimum of 50 chapter affiliated SCTE
Scholarship Program
• Removed from matrix
• Must be aligned with mission of SCTE
• Approved 501c3 charity
Secretaries’ Toolkit
– SCTE Compliance Information
– 2010 Compliance Matrix
– Chapter Bylaws Template and Forms
– Board Meeting Minutes Templates
– Technical Seminar Report Forms
– Chapter Leadership Roster
– Certification Testing Report Form
Secretaries’ Toolkit (cont.)
– Elections Procedure
– Elections Results Form
– Strategic Planning Information
– SCTE Chapter Support Structure
– Chapter Handbook
– Secretary Handbook
– SCTE Staff
Membership Lists
• List sent to chapter president and secretary in
• List of current, lapsed and soon to lapse members
can be requested at any time
• Available in
• Information that is provided should be used for
official chapter business only.
Chapter Leadership Access Site
Online access site that will allow chapters to register
individuals for an event, view registration lists, and
allow chapters to access their chapter
membership information online.
• The chapter submits names of two individuals who
are current board members for the chapter.
• The individual must sign a confidentiality
Strategic Planning
Templates available on
Calendar of events and goals for the year
Assign responsibilities
Submit copy to headquarters and keep a record in
the chapter files
• Review during each Board Meeting to keep on
• Required to receive full 50 points in matrix
Board Meetings
• Board must meet a minimum of 4 times a year
• Record board attendance to document absencesmay be removed according to bylaws
• Need a quorum to vote- note in minutes
• Treasurer’s report presented and reviewed at
each board meeting
Previous meeting minutes approved or corrected
All adopted or defeated motions
Names of motion makers?
Names of all members giving reports and their
• Names of all elected or appointed members
• Tally of all votes
• Adjournment and time
• Discussions and opinions expressed
• Motions withdrawn
• Entire reports-no attachments
Minutes - Other
• Be self serving- Document all details that may be
needed for future reference
• “5 years by strangers” Look Back Rule
Seminar Announcements
• Create flyer with meeting details
• Distribute via email
• Include SCTE Chapter Support staff member or
[email protected]
• Create meeting announcement for distribution at
local system offices
• Template on
• Post on Social Networking Sites
At the Meeting
• Attendance Rosters
• Have a list of current SCTE members
• SCTE Video Presentation
• SCTE Certification Presentation
• Certificates of Attendance, if requested
• Available on
• Thank you note for the speaker
SCTE has developed the following record retention policy for
chapters taking into consideration the IRS, state and local
government requirements:
Attendance reports
4 years
By-laws, Policy and
Chapter meeting reports
4 years
Contracts and leases
7 years
Correspondence(legal and
important matters)
Minutes of director and
committee meetings
• Fax: 610-363-5898
• Mail:
• Chapter Support
• c/o SCTE
• 140 Philips Road
• Exton, PA 19341
• Email: [email protected]
From one Secretary to Another…
Organization, organization, organization…
Spend a few minutes before every meeting to have
everything you think you’ll need….
Pens, sign in sheets, credit card form, receipts, or
electronics at Technical Sessions
Agenda, past meeting minutes, reports at Board meetings
Do you need anything from other Board Members?
Keep Communication Open…
Remember YOU are the primary point of contact to your
• Communicate often with your President and other Board
» Do they need your help?
• Communicate with your members.
» What do they want or need from the Chapter.
• Communicate with your neighboring Chapters.
» What do they have going on? Can you learn anything
from what they are doing? Can you help coordinating
Technical Seminars to help out on costs? (Can you say
Teamwork Points on the Matrix?)
• Most importantly, communicate with SCTE headquarters.
» Keep them in the loop.
Try to get help…
Smaller Chapters may not have many resources…
Use your Board members to help. Remember you don’t have
to do it all yourself. Can someone work the registration
table? How about working the phones or email to get a
You have enough on your plate with just your basic duties.
Help is essential to keep from burnout… Ask me how I
The way a team plays as a whole determines its
success. You may have the greatest bunch of
individual stars in the world, but if they don't play
together, the club won't be worth a dime.
~Babe Ruth
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