The American Society for Preventive Cardiology
About the ASPC
A national educational organization of healthcare providers,
and researchers dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular
Mission of the ASPC
The mission of the ASPC is to provide a framework for the
educational interests of healthcare providers to promote the
primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
If your work lies within the boundaries of
preventive cardiology, ASPC membership is a
powerful way to improve your scope of
activity and further your career objectives.
Benefits of ASPC Membership
Join the multidisciplinary healthcare community to:
 Access and referrals to national and international experts in
numerous areas related to the prevention of cardiovascular
 Receive a special member rate to attend CE/CMEaccredited educational programs offered or endorsed by ASPC
 Discounted rate on the three-volume Preventive Cardiology
Self -Assessment Program (PC-SAP)
Continued Benefits of ASPC Membership
 Receive a complimentary subscription to the ASPC’s
Journal, Clinical Cardiology
 Access to The Prevention Library a unique online
concierge service that provides educational materials, free-ofcharge, to healthcare professionals dedicated to the prevention
and management of cardiovascular disease
 Access to the ASPC online Member Resource Network that
includes: speakers searchers, practitioners and scientists
 Access to guidelines and resources specific to cardiovascular
disease prevention
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