BRSC Academy
What is the BRSC Academy?
• The BRSC Academy is committed to bringing more
technical expertise into the U7, U8, and U9 programs by
creating a curriculum of instruction specific to
developmental needs at each age group level.
• The BRSC Academy curriculum follows a progressive
model based on key developmental needs that have
been identified for each age group.
• The BRSC Academy trains in age-appropriate training
pools throughout the week. However, teams will still
compete in local BRSC leagues.
BRSC Academy Mission
• The BRSC Academy is…
An alternative to the traditional recreational team program. It offers
boys and girls age 6-8 years old the opportunity for advanced development
in soccer through a progressive and sophisticated curriculum and unique
academy structure.
Structured so that players train in age group pools instead of teams.
The unique pool training structure provides maximum opportunity for
players to develop solid fundamentals as individuals before progressing into
a team environment. As players progress through the Academy age groups
the focus of the pool training moves from individual development to group
and team training.
Committed to providing the correct environment and structure to
create a well-rounded, competition-ready player. The BRSC Academy
follows a training curriculum that is innovative, challenging, and FUN. The
unique structure of the Academy and the distinctive nature of the curriculum
is conducive to optimum player development.
BRSC Academy Staff
• The BRSC Academy will be run by the Academy
• The Academy Director will develop age
appropriate training sessions.
• The Academy Director will run these training
sessions with the help of other licensed and
qualified BRSC coaches.
• The Academy Staff will provide an environment
that is fun, safe, and ideal for optimum player
BRSC Academy Objective
• The BRSC Academy objective is to develop each of the
four components of a player: Technical, Tactical,
Psychological, and Physical in a progressive and age
appropriate manner.
• The BRSC Academy will provide each player the
opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding
environment that emphasizes player development in a
challenging, yet enjoyable way.
• The BRSC Academy is an alternative to recreational
team programs and will provide the opportunity for
advanced development in soccer through a detailed,
progressive curriculum.
BRSC Academy Curriculum
The BRSC Academy training curriculum is designed in conjunction with the
BRSC Competitive training curriculum. It is designed to compliment the
future game as well as to address the immediate needs of the young
players. It is a combination of technical and tactical topics with emphasis
mostly on technical development of the players. The curriculum will cover
important topics such as:
– Dribbling: including shielding and taking a player on
– Finishing: the technical aspects of bending, dipping and a knuckle-ball
combined with where & how to line-up
– Passing: striking the ball with a variety of surfaces, deception and the weight of
your pass will be introduced
– Receiving: shielding and turning with the ball
– Shielding: protecting the ball with the body
– Heading: introduction with the older age groups
– Offensive: small group combinations, small group shape will be introduced
– Defending: players know they must work hard to get ball back
BRSC Academy Curriculum
• The season-long Academy program is divided into modules that
follow a progressive curriculum that focuses on fundamentals,
applied technique through small sided games and tactical
awareness in game situations
Training Program
(Each practice session will comprise six parts)
Part 1
Warm up
Tag games with
Juggling series
Parts 2-4
Phase 1
Kicking & passing
Moves to beat an
Parts 5-6
Phase 2
Throw in
Game play
Small sided
Positional game
* For more info about Academy Curriculum see “Academy Training Curriculum” Document *
BRSC Academy Competitions
• The BRSC Academy league games will be
played in the BRSA League at Burbank Soccer
Complex in Baton Rouge.
• The BRSC Academy teams will play up at least
one age group higher than their age.
(e.g. U8s play in BRSA U9 division)
• The BRSC Academy Teams will play
approximately 12-16 games per season and at
least one Tournament/Jamboree.
Why Choose BRSC Academy?
• The BRSC Academy provides quality training for
players at an age where the quality of
development is a key contributor to the player’s
future success.
• The BRSC Academy has the focused objective
of developing players that wish to bring their
game to the next level.
• The BRSC Academy is a challenging and
rewarding experience for the players involved.
Why Choose BRSC Academy?
• The BRSC Academy Staff are licensed coaches
that pride themselves on providing a FUN &
SAFE learning environment that facilitates player
growth and a passion for the game.
• The BRSC Academy will provide a Parent
Education Program to improve parent
understanding of the game.
Successful BRSC Alumni
• Jason Garey
- Won M.A.C. Hermann Trophy
as the nation's top player in 2005
- Won National Championship
senior year (2005)
- Drafted 3rd overall (1st round)
in 2005 by the Columbus Crew
- Traded to Houston Dynamo in 2010
Successful BRSC Alumni
• Danielle Johnson
- Played at the University of Mississippi
- First Rebel to receive All-SEC
and All-Region honors all four years
- Scholar All-America pick her senior year
- Freshman All-America selection in 2006
- Drafted in the fourth round
of the 2010 WPS Draft by Sky Blue FC
• The BRSC Academy Teams play two
seasons: Fall and Spring.
• The cost for the BRSC Academy is $250
per season.
• The cost covers:
– BRSC Academy Coaching Staff fees
– Baton Rouge Soccer League fees
• Players interested in joining the BRSC Academy can
click on this link to Register:
Register Here!
For more information please contact the BRSC Office:
Baton Rouge Soccer Association
142 Lobdell Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: (225) 924-2157
Fax: (225) 924-5674

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