Paul Kennedy Artist
Born 1981 - Present
Paul Kennedy is an
Award winning, Glasgow
based Artist, he works in a
studio in the east End of
He has visited Rosshall to
do painting workshops
with the pupils.
Paul Kennedy
Paul graduated from
Edinburgh College of Art
in 2004, since then he
has continued his
development of painting
from his studio. He paints
Paul Kennedy
….. and nostalgic scenes
of Glasgow featuring Trams
and the Waverley. He paints
people and places close to
his heart from the past and
Paul Kennedy
In 2009 Paul was the
Aspect Prize Finalist
(£10,000 prize) with a
painting of a boy
called “Springburn
Hopes” .
This painting
launched Paul’s
Paul Kennedy
Paul used to be a Community arts
worker in Springburn. You can
see the disused railway factories
in the background. It was an Arts
workshop for underprivileged
“Most pupils were crazy and just
wanted to set fire to things! But
there was one fantastic pupil who
restored my faith in human
Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy’s Artist
influence from the
past is Joan Eardley.
Paul Kennedy
In the 1960’s Joan
Eardley also had a
studio in the east end
of Glasgow and she
painted the
underprivileged kids
from the Glasgow
Paul Kennedy
Paul likes her “loose
techniques and
freedom of painting”.
Paul Kennedy
Joan Eardley would
even stick a collage
of sweetie wrappers
onto the background
to look like graffiti
Paul Kennedy
The children would
be cheeky and lively,
not able to sit still for
long so her painting
technique was quick,
messy and
expressive, just like
the children.
Paul Kennedy
The children would play
in the street all day …
Paul Kennedy
….. and were often
quite scruffy with
pale, dirty faces.
Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy’s
Artistic influence from
the present is
Graham Wilcox.
Paul Kennedy
Graham Wilcox is a
Glasgow based Artist
who paints portraits in
a realistic style. Last
year he won the
National Art
Competition prize.
Paul Kennedy
When Paul visited
Rosshall he painted a
picture of Mr Leven’s
daughter called Olivia.
Paul Kennedy
This is the technique
and working methods
he used:
Paul Kennedy
1. Paul worked from a
photograph and used
Acrylic paint. First he
drew an outline using
a brush and watery
black paint.
Paul Kennedy
2. Then he blocked in
her hair using a wide
brush and the darkest
shade first
Paul Kennedy
3. He blocked in the
skin tones with a wide
brush using the
darkest colours first
Paul Kennedy
4.Then painted the
lighter skin tones over
the top. He added
light red highlights
over the hair.
Paul Kennedy
5. Using a smaller brush
he added more detail.
Paul Kennedy
6. The finished painting.

PaulKennedy - Rosshall Academy