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April 3, 2013
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McLaren Health Plan
McLaren Health Plan
Increased Reimbursement!
 Did you know that you can easily turn a sick visit into
a well child visit?
When you have a MHP member in your office for a sick visit
who is also due for a well child visit, simply incorporate the
elements of a well child exam into the visit, and bill MHP for
both the sick and well child services performed
You can do this by adding modifier 25 to the sick visit and
you will be reimbursed for both services
 As
another way of ensuring that our members receive
this important well child exam, MHP will reimburse
you for one well child visit each calendar year. You
don’t have to wait a full calendar year to perform a
well child visit
Club 101
Well Child Visits for Medicaid Members
 McLaren Health Plan reimburses Providers higher than the Medicaid
fee schedule
 Well child visit codes are now reimbursed at $101.00 per visit
 Includes CPT Codes 99392, 99393, 99382, and 99383
 Well child visits must include:
 Physical exam
 Mental and Developmental screening
 Hearing and Vision components
 Other tests to detect potential problems
Expanded Access Award
Expanded Access for Commercial and Medicaid Members
 Provide service to a McLaren Health Plan member in the office
during hours other than normal business hours and receive an
additional $17.38 in reimbursement
 Includes CPT Codes 99050 and 99051
 Medicaid does not currently reimburse providers for either of these
codes. This is additional reimbursement offered by McLaren Health
Lead Testing Incentive
Lead Testing for Medicaid Members
 This lead screening program is easily achievable and recognizes
McLaren Health Plan’s Primary Care Physicians who meet MDCH
requirements of lead testing children before their second birthday
CPT 36416 – Collection of capillary blood specimen for lead - $15.00
CPT 83655 – Perform the lead testing in office - $25.00
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Each Office is Provided a:
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Key Contacts
(Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri., 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM)
Customer Service:
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