Committee Introduction to Young Life
Young Life’s Mission Statement
Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ
and helping them grow in their faith.
Young Life’s Authority Structure
Board of Trustees
President of Young Life
Divisional Senior Vice Presidents
Regional Directors
Area Directors
Legal lines or authority
Area Committees
The YL Bus – Updated
Ministry Development & Support
• Local area vision & strategy
• Pray for YL ministry, leaders & students
• Community relations & communications
• Sustain the ministry
• “Lend a hand” service
Leadership Development & Support
• Recruit staff, committee and volunteers
• Discipleship, training and supervision
• Invest in a staff’s life
• Volunteer leader and committee care
• Alumni
Resource Management
• TDS team
• Fundraising events
• Maintain annual budget
The YL Bus - Updated
Direct Ministry
• Contact work
• Club
• Discipleship (Campaigners/Cabin
Time/Student Leadership & Service/Church
• Camp
Back Room Support
• Administration
• Accounting
• Data management of YL contacts
• Internal communication
Area-Wide Development & Support
Vision & strategy – The Committee and Area Director develop a vision and
strategy to reach every high school and middle school kid in their area.
Prayer – The Committee and staff pray for all facets of the ministry. It is
recommended to designate an individual to lead this element of the
ministry. A written prayer strategy shapes and supports our work.
Community Relations – The Committee and staff are responsible for
promoting YL in the community. Staff leaders keep YL contacts
updated on recent and upcoming activities.
Sustain the Ministry – The Committee and staff are responsible for
maintaining the continuity and integrity of YL in the area by building
trust in the ministry.
Lend a Hand – There are many opportunities to open your home or
provide food & transportation for ministry activities.
Leader Development & Support
Recruit – The Committee and Area Director recruit staff, volunteer leaders
and new committee members to sustain the local ministry.
Discipleship, Training & Supervision – The Area Director supervises,
disciples and develops the spiritual growth and leadership skills of staff
and volunteer leaders.
Invest in a Staff’s Life – Committee members invest in staff by mentoring,
providing feedback, and maintaining close relationships to understand
sucesseses, needs and problems of the ministry.
Volunteer and Committee Care – Committees support and celebrate the
efforts of volunteer leaders and the Committee as a way to build
fellowship in the ministry and to show appreciation.
Resource Management
TDS Team – The Committee and Area Director ensure a TDS leadership
team is functioning to oversee finances and donor care.
Maintain Annual Budget – The TDS team and the Area Director develop
an annual budget consistent with the local area vision and strategy to
establish annual financial needs and to monitor the financial health of
the local ministry throughout the year.
Fundraising Events – Committees ensure adequate financial support is
raised to fund expenses through special events (e.g. golf tournament,
celebration, etc.) and direct requests via mail.
Direct Ministry
Contact Work – Staff and volunteer leaders go where kids are to build
relationships and earn their trust and friendship.
Club – These events are a safe and fun setting that include games, skits
and music, and where staff and volunteer leaders share a message
about Christ in terms kids can understand.
Campaigners – These events are the place where kids who have
responded to the message of Jesus learn what it means to follow Him,
grow in their faith and reach out to their friends.
Camp – Camping with YL is the experience of a lifetime. The facilities
provide numerous ways for kids to be challenged and have fun, the
food is fabulous, and the message proclaimed from the club room
stage starts conversations that change lives. Not much in youth
ministry can compare.
Back Room Support
Administration – Staff maintain an office that operates professionally and
efficiently in accordance with YL policies and procedures.
Accounting – Staff manage the accounting for gifts received and expenses
through the YL service center. The TDS team provides oversight of the
local ministry finances to help ensure proper stewardship of funds
donated to YL.
Data Management – Staff maintain contact information for all kids who
attend YL, donors and friends of YL in the area.
Internal Communications – Staff monitor communications from the
service center and regional office and send communications to
volunteer leaders and committee members as necessary to ensure the
ministry operates effectively.
Where do you fit on the YL Bus?

Committee Outline (Power Point Presentation)