NCHE Women’s Executive Breakfast
Alison A. Arnott
Sibley Memorial Hospital
VP, Support Services
April 23, 2010
• Currently the VP of Support Services at Sibley
• Married with 2 princesses (Kylie 5 and Alexa 3)
• Mentors have been instrumental in my career
• BS in Commerce (Accounting) Univ of Virginia
• Public accounting (hospitals), Ernst and Young
– Certified Public Accountant
• MBA in Health Services, George Wash University
– Worked part-time and interned at Sibley
KPMG, Consultant at HCA, Nashville
Boca Raton Comm. Hospital, Dir Decision Support
Sibley, Dir Management Eng & VP
• Public accounting
– Mentor, Karen Fitzsimmons, Senior Manager
– Financial statement analysis
– Documenting/mapping work flows
– Scheduling, staffing, and project management
– Continuously asked for healthcare opportunities
• MBA in Health Services
– Part-time work in IT staffing
– Mentor, Jerry Price, COO at Sibley
– Projects at Sibley for grad school classes
– Internship at Sibley in summer
• KPMG healthcare consulting
– HCA Corporate Integrity Agreement
– Mentor, Charles Overstreet, Partner
– DRG coding compliance and HIM processes
– 100% travel to HCA facilities nationwide
• Boca Raton Community Hospital
– Director, Decision Support
– Mentor, Caroline Ferraiuolo, VP, Exec Director
– Budget for entire hospital
– Productivity analyses
– Operational and clinical benchmarking tools
• Sibley Memorial Hospital
– Director, Management Engineering
– Mentor, Jerry Price, Sr VP and COO
– Internal process improvement consultant
• Facilitator
– OR, flow team, FMEAs, productivity, time studies
– GW interns
• Sibley Memorial Hospital
– Vice President, Support Services
– Continued Mentor, Jerry Price, Sr VP and COO
– EVS, Nutrition, Supply Chain, Bio-Medical
equipment, Volunteers and Guest Relations,
Senior Association and Pastoral Care
– Chair Committees/Teams: Customer Service,
Environment of Care, Value Analysis,
IRB, Project: Green
Achieve good work life balance
Find a mentor and be a mentee
Learn Excel proficiently
Learn to map work flow diagrams
Be inquisitive; Ask questions