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At the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) we are committed to
serving you with the most professional Real Estate Services obtainable in the
market today. It is our goal as an organization to meet and exceed all your Real
Estate expectations while servicing the communities in which we live, work and
Over the course of this presentation I will guide you through an overview and
show you why joining NAREB is the right choice for you and the community you
NAREB is an alliance of real estate and industry-related companies joining
together to provide quality services to the underserved communities we live
and work in.
The NAREB brings together years of combined experience in all facets of
the real estate industry ensuring that as we learn from the past, we make the
future better.
Through NAREB’s vast network of financial professionals, we are able to
serve the segment of the population that would not qualify for “traditional”
mortgage financing through the use of special programs and credit
NAREB’s charter is to build stronger communities through the increased
number of minority homeownership as put forth by The President of The
United States, Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, HUD and numerous other
participating parties.
The Realtist Designation
Our Members are called
“Realtists”, a term which
incorporates the many
disciplines we represent.
Although composed principally
of African Americans, the
Realtist Organization
embraces all qualified real
estate practitioners who are
committed to achieving the
ideals of our vision, which is
“Democracy in Housing”
Our History
After World War II, the nation
found itself facing a mood of
deep seated social segregation
it could no longer tolerate or
Yet the South, for one,
confidently proclaimed itself to
be the ne plus ultra
“uppermost limits”.
Thus was born the civil rights
movement – a period of the
most difficult but necessary
struggle to topple the
crumbling walls of segregation
erected between Americans
who had fought – and died –
Our History
The postwar years gave African Americans inspiration,
confidence, strength and hope for a better America.
The United Nations had been formed and Ralph J.
Bunche had become the United Nations Division Trustee.
African Americans were gaining better paying jobs and
the Supreme Court had finally passed a ruling that
restrictive covenants and private agreements to exclude
persons of designated races from the ownership of real
property were not enforceable under the law.
Our History
• Although the lives of African
Americans were changing for
the good, schools were still
segregated under the separate
but equal theory-and equal
housing had yet to become a
• This is what drove the men
and women who met in Tampa,
Florida on the sweltering night
of July 29th 1947 to form the
National Association Of Real
Estate Brokers –
W.E.B. Du Bois • Malcolm X
Martin Luther King • Rosa Parks
These twelve pioneers, one woman and eleven men hailing from seven
states across the country, are NAREB'S recognized founders:
Nannie Black, Detroit, MI
Macco Crutcher, Detroit, MI
Carleton Gains, Detroit, MI
W. D. Morrison, Jr., Detroit MI
O. B. Cobbins, Jackson, MS
W.H. Hollins, Birmingham, AL
George W. Powell, Jacksonville, FL
J. R. Taylor, Miami, FL
F. Henry Williams, Jacksonville, FL
Horace Sudduth, Cincinnati, OH
J. W. Sanford, Oklahoma City, OK
A. Maceo Smith, Dallas, TX
Our History
On this night, these people dedicated themselves to fair housing for all.
They began by electing temporary officers as follows:
W.D. Morrison, President
Horace Sudduth, Vice President
W. H. Hollins, Treasurer
F. Henry Williams, Secretary
Word soon spread, In 1948 Daniel
Spalding, Linwood Koger, Philathea
Carter, George Carroll and a group of
other real estate professionals formed
a local chapter of NAREB. They
named this chapter The Real Estate
Brokers of Baltimore (REBB). Since It's
inception the Members of REBB have
proudly served the Baltimore
metropolitan area as well as the
surrounding counties.
Our History
You may not be able to change our History – But
you can direct our Future
Professional Affiliations
• NAREB has 10 major professional affiliations. Each offers
specialized training and accreditation that will help to increase your
real estate expertise and enhance your business.
• Our affiliates are:
National Society of Real Estate Appraisers
Real Estate Managers Brokers Institute
United Developers Council
Commercial Industrial Division
The Women’s Council
NAREB Investment Division
NAREB Sales Division
Contractors Division
Young Realtist Division
Home Ownership Counseling Division
Investment Division (NID)
• The Investment Division examines alternative
investment vehicles and identifies additional
revenue generating initiatives that may be
otherwise considered outside the scope of
NAREB activities.
The Real Estate Management
Brokers Institute (REMBI)
• Provides its members certification and
continuing education courses with the
following designations:
C.R.E.M. Certified Real Estate Manager
Certified Resident Manager
A.R.E.M.O. Accredited Real Estate
Management Organization
National Society of Real Estate
Appraisers (NSREA)
• Provides courses for those endeavoring to
become an appraiser as well as continuing
education for the following designations:
Master Real Estate Appraiser
Senior Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraiser
Homeownership Education
• Comprised of Realtist members that are
committed to providing both pre and post
counseling to homebuyers and would-be
Young REALTIST Division (YRD)
• Supports membership with the recruitment of
young real estate professionals.
• Also serves as mentors to high school and
college students, encouraging them to
consider a career in real estate.
Women’s Council of NAREB
• Founded in 1971 to evaluate the
standards of women in the real
estate industry by encouraging
leadership, education and the
exchange of information through
group learning techniques.
• Provides opportunity for women to
increase their knowledge and
expertise in all facets of the real
estate profession.
• Brings together
developers from around
the country for the
exchange of ideas in the
development arena.
• Its purpose is to create a
level playing field for
African-Americans to
participate fully in the
suburban sprawl as well
as urban renewal
throughout the country.
United Developers
NAREB Sales Division
• The primary purpose of the Sales Division is
to assist in the professional development of
the real estate professional.
• Certified Designations are:
REO Specialist (REOS)
Residential Sales Specialist (RSS)
Relocation Specialist
Legislative Programs
• Headquartered in the
Washington, D.C. area,
NAREB can enable your
voice to be heard in the
halls of power.
• Maintains a Public Affairs
Committee (PAC) that
tracks and evaluates
pertinent congressional
legislation and
regulations affecting the
real estate industry.
Current Initiatives
• Moving forward NAREB’s theme is “Realtist Rebuilding America”. In
light of the recent devastation that our communities have suffered,
Realtists are stepping forward, showing the way to create
opportunities for those who have been displaced. We must continue
to develop what we have, access what we don’t and educate
ourselves to manage what has been given.
The goals are to:
• Educate our members to be better equipped in the current economy
• Expand our membership base
• Increase our outreach efforts
• Enhance our external communication
To Learn More About
Attend The Mid Winter Conference
The Regional Conference
NAREB's annual national conference
For more information check the NAREB web
site www.nareb.com
Real Estate Brokers
Of Baltimore Dues
• Your commitment to join REBB/NAREB in our mission is an
indication of your commitment to help increase homeownership and
wealth for the communities we serve.
Brokers Member
Agent Member
Affiliate Members
• We encourage you to share your talents and resources in the
tradition of the REALTIST spirit…
African-Americans Showing the Way Home
Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Mortgage/Finance Professionals
Homeowner Insurance Companies
Moving & Storage Services
Property Preservation Specialists
Credit Counselors
Title Abstract Professionals
•Freddie Mac
•Fannie Mae
•Bank of America
•Chase Bank
•Congressional Black Caucus
•Teens On The Green
•Blazin Multimedia
•Black Entertainment Television (BET)
•NAREB Housing America Fund
•Genworth Financial
•National Association of Realtors
•Wells Fargo
• New Century
•Option One Mortgage
•State Farm Bank
•Stewart Title
Our National Partners
Local Partners
1st Preference Mortgage
Residential Title & Escrow Company
Municipal Employees Credit Union
Bell Insurance Nationwide
Client 1st Title, Inc.
Our President
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President.
VISION: To position NAREB as the pre-eminent and most effective trade association for African American professionals in the
Real Estate Industry.
VALUES: In addition to abiding by the Realtist Integrity and Ethical Standards, which serves to increase public confidence in the
Realtists network, NAREB Board of Director agrees to model and promote the following values:
Increase Education and Training Opportunities that advance and broaden the skill and knowledge base of member
Realtists. Utilize the expertise and experience within NAREB and its Affiliates to increase members' understanding of the
changing dynamic of the real estate marketplace, community development and public policy arena.
Grow NAREB Membership through concentrated recruitment and retention initiatives by offering value-added benefits
and made available exclusively to members in good standing. Benefits include: new business opportunities, business networking
Use Technology to advance business growth, and to facilitate access to accurate and substantive information sources
critical to a member’s ability to succeed in the real estate profession with particular focus on upgrading the NAREB website.
Re-align and make transparent the functional areas of responsibility of each member of the Board of the Directors,
Officers, Executive Committee, Regional Vice Presidents, State Presidents, Affiliates’ Committees and NAREB’s consultants in
order to implement the Five-Year Plan’s mission and goals.
Implement an Accountability Plan with identifiable benchmarks and deliverables.
Coordinate program initiatives with current market conditions to ensure that the greatest benefits are realized by
NAREB membership.
Communicate a focused and transparent programmatic direction.
Kindest Regards,
Vincent Wimbish
Real Estate Brokers of
Democracy in Housing
Serving the Underserved
Economic Improvement
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