Grace’s News Corner
–Savannah Wray- Promoted to Consultant Level
Sales Incentives
–3 parties each at $195 Gathering Sales Volume –Earn Free Bag of Coffee or Tea
Winner!! Savannah Wray!!!
Updates & Tips
•Cadence is coming back in April
•April- consultant sign on special
•April -Guest/Host Specials
•Iced tea and coffee recipes
•New Web Forms
•Videos coming
Using Tea Infuser, Kcup Filter, Brewing Iced Tea, Mini Clubs during Tastings (Concierge Club, pouring, Coffee talk)
•Consultant survey –completely confidential. Must have held at least one tasting to participate
•Always review price lists before an event to make sure you have the most current.
•Review Facebook Mock Event
•Always ask Host and guests what they like to drink.
So who are the dry wine drinkers? What type of wine do you usually drink?
Who are our sweet wine drinkers? Do you like moscatos, ice wines, rieslings?
Who loves Pinot Grigios?
•Don’t be afraid to ask what brand they drink today?
Customer Recommendation Sheet on document repository, print and put on your clip board for tastings
Review Tea health benefits during tasting after they tasted the tea.
•Have a party where most of the guests do not use Facebook, we have post card invites avail for purchase.
•Do you know where to find our sample invites?
•Who has a tip?
Making the most of Facebook
Our Facebook Fan Page
•Interaction with our American Serenade corporate Facebook fan page
•Review of Facebook rules and organic spread of posts
Facebook Parties and Events
•Facebook is a great resource for on-line/virtual parties or invites for your in-home tastings
– One way to get the word out to your Hosts guests by inviting them via Facebook.
– I highly recommend having the host email or hand out invites as well
• Not everyone uses Facebook daily or plugs things into a calendar, some people still refer to
their fridge.
– Benefit to using Facebook, is that you can continually post pictures and ask questions to find out
more about your guests, what they drink today & get them excited about our products and who we
– Tip… Highest likelihood of posts being received are between hours of 7:45am-8:45am or after 7:45
pm- 9:15pm ..Post during those times or your posts may get lost
•Online/Virtual Parties:
Schedule them for a specific period of time.
Online parties should be scheduled no further out then 1 week.
We will have a training session available later in April for doing an online Facebook party
Web Forms
Web forms can be found on document repository.
Purpose of each form:
Request Gathering ID /Tasting Kit
Consultant Personal Purchases
Submit for your own personal purchases of American Serenade products or business kit items
Small Gathering Order or Customer Order
When you need to order your tasting kit for a Gathering
When you receive a booking outside of a Gathering and need a Gathering ID
**Tasting kits are not needed for virtual parties (Social media ie: FB)
Customer places an order with you (recommend customers to use website first) that you need to submit to A.S.
Small Gathering order ( 3 customers + Hostess)
STATS Order Form (Spreadsheet)
Gathering order with more than 3 customers + Hostess)
Filled out and emailed to: [email protected]
How Clubs Work?
Clubs are Concierge Clubs
Coffee & Tea Club Designs
– 1st month begins with Sampler pack & tracking sheet for the customer to jot down thoughts on samples
• Customer is able to choose, caffeine, decaf, flavor, medium or dark roast or mix – HQ selects specific samples
• Customer receives total of 8 samples from coffee or combo club or all samples of tea for tea club
– End of 1st month HQ contacts the customer to determine their club design
• Customer needs to be ready to design club, club will begin on month 2 as scheduled
– Specific details of the club are designed by the customer, but all clubs are charged on same day, and are delivered or
shipped the 1st Friday of every month.
• $8.99 Non Wine & $12.99 Wine Club shipments
• Delivery charges based upon mileage and location if HQ delivers
• Consultants may pick up from HQ and deliver at no charge to the customer – at consultant request
– Consultants must pick up that weekend of delivery.
– **Changes to club design or cancellations must be made two Fridays before club charge/delivery day.
Purchased at a Gathering.
– 1st month will be charged with Gathering & shipped with Gathering order to Host unless Guest requests to pay extra
for direct shipping.
– Remaining months will be charged outside of Gathering Sales and on monthly basis and will come directly to club
Purchased outside of Gathering
– Will be charged each month at time of club and sent to designated address of club member starting with 1 st month
Our Concierge Clubs
Our clubs are Concierge Clubs, use the word ‘concierge’
The clubs are designed by each club member, they are not flavor of the month clubs
During your tastings, talk about the clubs after your 1st wine has been tasted.
Talking Points during Tastings:
1. We are a throw back to the way businesses used to be
2. Every club is designed by the customer for the customer
3. You choose the two items you want to receive every month and you can change them (notice required)
4. Delivery service to you, let us do the work and pamper you
5. Pamper yourself with gourmet products without the gourmet price tag
6. Even with shipping club breaks down to $.32/cup for coffee and less for than $.30 for teas
7. Check one thing off your grocery list.
8. Change your coffee or tea drinking habit of getting a caffeine fix into a delicious ‘experience’.
9. Support small businesses
10. All products hand designed, all natural, organic and fair trade
April Promos
Consultant Kits
Host & Guest Promos
Encourage prior Hosts to come out of hibernation & book another party to sample the new wines!!
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