Presentation and Discussion
Dr. Glen Harris
Question to answer:
Should Dr. Dr. Glen Harris, Associate
Professor in the Crop and Soil Sciences
Department, be promoted to the rank of
Professor at the University of Georgia?
Dr. Glen Harris
• Position: Extension Specialist –
Environmental Soils and Fertilizer
• 96% Extension appointment (4% Teaching)
• 12-month, tenure-track, Associate
Location: Tifton
Duties: develop public outreach programs for
statewide extension soil and fertilizer
programs for “all crops” (excluding
Dr. Glen Harris
Professional Positions
2000 – present
Associate Professor
1994 – 2000
Assistant Professor
1993 – 1994
Research Associate
1990 – 1993
C.S. Mott
Agriculture Fellow
Michigan State
1985 – 1990
Graduate Research
Michigan State
• 96% Extension responsibilities in soil fertility
• Dr. Harris has established himself as the leading
expert in his field of soil fertility.
• Dr. Harris has made significant contributions in
teaching, applied research and extension for
CRSS, CAES, UGA, the Georgia fertilizer
industry and Georgia agriculture.
• Dr. Harris has gained a national and international
reputation as a leader in the field of soil
fertility, particularly with cotton and peanut.
Research, Scholarship, & Other Creative Activities
• Since promotion to Associate Professor in
2000, Dr. Harris has:
– conducted 231 county educational programs
– Attracted more than $1,735,389 in grants
– Received the Certificate of Excellence in
recognition of the UGAFERTEX program with
Owen Plank from the American Society of
Agronomy in 2001.
– 5 referred journal articles (2 published, 1
accepted, and 2 in review) since 2000 (9 in
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Crops (cotton and peanut) for which are
the main focus of Dr. Harris soil fertility
responsibilities have an aggregate farm
gate value of $1.1 billion in Georgia in 2009
and were planted on 2.1 million acres in GA.
• Publications from this program – referred journal
articles, abstracts, popular press articles,
regional bulletins, newsletters, radio and tv
• Dr. Harris is recognized as one of the leading
experts in the nation on potassium management
in cotton
Potassium deficiency and leafspot disease
• Following a shift from full-season varieties to
newer short season varieties there was a
prevalence of potassium deficiency and an
associated leafspot disease occurring in cotton in
Georgia and throughout the southeast.
• Dr. Harris conducted studies to investigate the
potassium nutrition needs of these new varieties
and hot to meet these needs.
• Studies included K rates, sources, timing and
placement of potassium fertilizers as well as
foliar fertilization of K on cotton. Dr. Harris is
now recognized as a leading expert in this topic.
Calcium Nutrition in Peanut
• A variety shift in peanut resulted in recognition
of an important soil fertility issue in peanut.
• Shift from small-seeded runner peanut to largeseeded runners caused an increased awareness
for the need of calcium.
• Dr. Harris, in conjunction with Dr. John Beasley
conducted calcium rate, source and timing field
studies on these new peanut varieties.
• Calcium in the seed and seed germination were
measured in addition to yield and grade of the
mature peanuts.
Calcium Nutrition in Peanut
• Beneficiaries of this research work on calcium
are the Georgia peanut grower, peanut seed
companies and the Georgia Foundation Seed
• This early collaboration with other faculty
members has resulted in additional collaborations
for Dr. Harris such as those with Dr. Scott
Tubbs, Cropping Systems Agronomist and Dr.
Mike Toews, Cotton Research Entomologist
resulting in annual support from the Cotton
Commission to the UGA Cotton team of more
than $1.5 million in competitive grants.
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Active member of American Society of
Agronomy, Beltwide Cotton Conference,
Georgia Plant Food Educational Society,
Georgia Conservation Tillage Alliance,
Georgia Crop Production Alliance and
Georgia Certified Crop Advisors.
• Since 2000, has made oral or poster
presentations at 34 annual meetings,
including 47 published abstracts as author
or co-author
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
Publication Type
Refereed Journal Articles
Abstracts & Proceedings
Res/Ext Publications
Popular Press
Ext Fact Sheet/Circulars
Newsletter Articles
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• In-Service Training for County Extension Faculty
– 75 training sessions since 2000 (117 total)
• Wimba Training
– Among the first to develop and conduct an internet training course
for county extension faculty in 2007, consisted of 5, one hour
training sessions on basic soils and fertilizers via the Wimba system
for agents with little or no soil science experience. Included a field
trip to the “Little Grand Canyon” to observe deep soil profiles and
unchecked soil erosion
• Field Days and Tours
– Participated in 53 other field days as a way to deliver information
generated in his extension program with end users.
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Radio – 72, 2000-2010; 125 total
– 22 “County Agent Radio Programs” with Johnny Harrell
– Average 5 radio interviews for county agents per year.
• Television – 21, 2000 – 2010; 36 total
– Frequent appearances on WSST-TV Cordele, GA
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Invitational Lectures
– 48 invited presentations at state or regional
Extension sponsored meetings since 2000
– 51 invited presentations to Non-Extension
Sponsored group.
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Local County Production Meetings
– 231 county production meeting presentations
to approximately 9,204 clientele
– Presentations on soil fertility made to cotton,
peanut, corn, soybean producers as well as
cattlemen’s (forages) and poultry litter
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• University, College, Department Governance
– Specialist-in-charge, State 4-H Land Judging
Contest – 2000-present
– Peanut Tour Committee – 2000 – present
– Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Task
Force – 2000
– Georgia Phosphorous Index Work Group – 2000
– Georgia Peanut Commodity Committee
• Secretary - 2005
• Chair – 2006
– Conservation Tillage Task Force – 2005
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• American Society of Agronomy
– Judge and Moderator A-4 Ed. Materials, 2001
– Chair, A-4 Extension Education Division, 2004
– Judge, Graduate Student Oral Presentation Contest,
• National Cotton Council (Beltwide Cotton Conference)
– Chair, Soil and Plant Nutrition Technical Conference,
• Soil Science Society of America
– Member, 2000-present
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Southern Soil Fertility Conference
– Chair, 2001
• SERA-IEG 17 Phosphorous Work Group
– Member, 2000-2005
• SERA-IEG 6 Soil Testing Workgroup
– Member, 2000-2005
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Georgia Plant Food Education Society
– Educational Advisor
– Board Member
– Program Committee
– Scholarship Committee
– Editor, Quarterly Newsletter “What & Why”
• Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents
– Board of Directors (2001 –Sr. Dir. State Staff)
Achievements in Service
Society, University, and the Profession
• Georgia Conservation Tillage Alliance
– Recording Secretary 2000 – 2008
• Georgia Crop Production Alliance
– Board of Directors (2008 – present)
• Georgia Certified Crop Advisors
– Board of Directors (2004 – present)
Achievements in Service
International Activities
• Guyana, South America – 2002, 2003, 2004
– Joined peanut scientists from UGA and Uf on a US-AID Peanut CRSP
• Conducted soil fertility research plots in 3 different villages 2002, 2003
• Assisted with row spacing, herbicide and fungicide trials at each
location - 2002, 2003.
• Conducted educational meetings on soil fertility, soil fertility and
goals of the plot work at each location – 2002.
• Assisted with educational meetings in 5 villages with 500 peanut
growers in 2004.
• “one of the most successful Peanut CRSP projects as measured
by the impact on the acreage and yield increases”.
• Associated program successful in getting peanut butter and
cassava sandwiches made on site into school lunch programs.
Achievements in Service
International Activities
• Australia - 2003
– Invited by CSIRO in Narrabri, New South Wales, Investigated
nutritional problems caused by increasing sodicity
• Field visits with Australian counterpart
• Met with scientists from other institutions and industry
• Searched literature for info related to sodicity and potassium nutrition and
premature senescence.
• Participated in major cotton field day – Queensland
• Videotaped interview posted on internet by prominent Australian seed company.
• China, Yunnan Province – 2007 - 2008
– Invited to investigate and assist with vegetable fertility problems.
– Assisted local consulting firm with soil testing and diagnosing soil
fertility problems in farmer fields.
– Worked with small groups of Chinese farmers.
Achievements in Service
Instructional Activities – 4% appointment
• Graduate Students
– 2 M.S. graduate committees
• Undergraduate
– Co-Taught Soils & Hydrology, AESC 4960, (with Jim
Hook), 2003, 2004 2005 2006, 2007, 2008
– Taught Soils & Hydrology, AESC 4960, 2009, 2010
– Guest Lecture at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
• 2002 - Soil Tillage and Cropping Systems for Field Crops
• 2003 - Soil Tillage and Cropping Systems for Field Crops
• 2009 - Fertilization for Field Crops
– Guest Lecture for UGA-Tifton. AESC 4950, 2008
• Organic Fertilizers
Dr. Glen Harris
Dr. Glen Harris
Dr. Glen Harris
Awards and Recognition
Achievement Award
Achievement Award
1st Place Poster
Certificate of Excellence
(UGAFERTEX, w/ O. Plank)
Invited for study leave
CSIRO Plant Industry
Certificate of
Excellence for UGA
Cotton Newsletter
ASA A-4 Ext Ed Mat
Award Program
Dr. Glen Harris
Awards and Recognition
Award of Excellence for
UGA Tifton Campus
UGA rep to Bayer Crop
2009 Science Specialist
Bayer Crop Science,
Meeting,Tubac, AZ
1st Place Applied
Research Poster
Certificate of
Appreciation for 15
Years of Loyal and
Dedicated Service

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