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Information Meeting
March 15, 2014
Lacrosse – Some History
Deemed the fastest game on two feet,
lacrosse has a history that spans centuries
and is the oldest sport native to the North
American continent.
Rooted in Native American ritual and
religion, the game was often played to
resolve conflicts, prepare for war, heal the
sick and build strength.
Lacrosse – How does it work?
Object of lacrosse is to score
more goals than the opposing
team by shooting the ball into the
opponent’s netted goal
Men's lacrosse rules allow 10
players on the field and some
degree of stick and body contact
but violence is neither condoned
nor allowed.
Modified rules are used at the
younger ages. These rules are
intended to minimize the physical
aspects of the game.
3rd/4th grade teams play 8-on-8
on a smaller field.
Canby Lacrosse
Board of Directors
President: Curtis Nelson
Vice President: Don McDonald
Treasurer: Jeff Saltmarsh
Secretary: Sandy Kahut
Member-at-Large: Jenne Parker
Member-at-Large: Loren Bell
Member-at-Large: Pam Boyer
Canby Lacrosse – A Quick
Our first year, spring of 2007, consisted of one
7/8 team with 16 players which actually included
two 6th graders.
We have added 20-30 players every year since
Last year, we had over 150 boys playing with a
3/4 team, three 5/6 teams, two 7/8 teams, a HS
JV team, and a HS Varsity team. The 150
players was a jump of more than 30 kids!
Canby Lacrosse – Program Make-up
HS level
– Varsity and JV team (50+ players)
Youth Traveling Teams
– Two 7th/8th Grade Boys Teams
40 total players
– Two 5th/6th Grade Boys Teams
39 total players
– One 3rd/4th Grade Boys Team this spring
17 total players
More than 150 players in total!!!
3/4: Rob Strand
5/6 White Team: Steve Saltmarsh
5/6 Blue Team: Cory Hansen
7/8 White Team: Curtis Nelson
7/8 Blue Team: Jeff Saltmarsh
Team Parents: We are wanting a parent or two or three
from each team to help with team logistics – distributing
uniforms, soliciting volunteers for jamboree, collecting
forms, etc.
– If you are interested, contact Pam Boyer ([email protected]).
OYLA – Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association
OYLA was established a few years ago
and is now coordinating all of boys youth
lacrosse in the Portland/Metro area and
reaching further all of the time.
OYLA establishes a common set of rules
and expectations around the play and
organization of the teams.
OYLA Guidelines
OYLA establishes youth referee training and
certification programs.
OYLA Guidelines establish that if there are
multiple teams from a community that they
should be split evenly as opposed to an A/B
The teams that were recently announced were
created with splitting evenly as our goal.
The Season – Traveling (Rec)
Lacrosse is a 3, sometimes 4 day a week
These are competitive teams – we attempt
to balance the will to win with developing
the skills of all.
Once games start in early April, practices
will be more scattered across the week,
and cut back to maybe once a week.
The Schedule – Traveling
There will be a weekday evening game and a
Saturday game for just about every team just
about every week.
Last regular games are currently scheduled for
week of May 27.
PRELIMINARY Game Schedules for 5/6 and 7/8
are posted on the calendars of our website.
These are subject to change.
– 3/4 Schedules are being worked on this week.
Canby Jamboree
Our jamboree is scheduled for May 17.
Last year, we had 46 total teams
(including ours) and played on 8 fields.
This year, we have about 30 teams
registered so far, and expect to get to
about 40. Maybe more.
We will need EVERYONE (parents,
players, siblings, HS players) in the
program to be at this event to help.
Sisters Jamboree
Unfortunately, the folks in Sisters had to
move their event to the weekend AFTER
Mother’s Day rather than on Mother’s Day
weekend itself.
This is in direct conflict with our Canby
So, unfortunately, we are not going to
Sisters this year.
PDX Lax Jam
On Saturday, April 5, all of our teams will
be participating in the PDX Lax Jam.
This is a jamboree format event held at
Delta Park in Portland.
Teams will play 3 shortened games during
the day.
After that weekend, games will start to
come quite quickly.
End of Season Jamboree
We do plan to attend the end of season
TVYLAX Jamboree on Saturday, May 31.
This will include 3 games for each team.
Unless we decide to try to schedule a
couple of games during the next week
(which IS possible), the TVYLAX will be
the end of the season.
April 26 – A FULL day of
Lacrosse at Canby High
On Saturday, April 26, we will be taking over the
High School Turf Field.
Beginning at 8:00 AM with a 3/4 game, we will
hold back-to-back-to-back-to-back-etc games for
all teams throughout the day.
The high school JV and Varsity will play at 2:30
and 4:00.
After that, we will probably have a 5/6 and then a
7/8 Select Game!
May 10 – A Day in Hood River
On Saturday, May 10, all of our youth
teams will be visiting Hood River and play
slightly shortened games against them.
At the 3/4 level, they are going to play 3
slightly shortened games.
Select Teams
A Select Team is a group of players within
an age that are considered the top group.
These players are selected by the
coaching staff.
Like last year, we plan to have a 5/6 and a
7/8 Select Team this spring.
Select Teams
These players must play the normal
regular Rec Games in addition to the
Select Games.
There could be 4 or 5 additional games for these
Select Teams on Saturday late afternoons from
April 12 through May 10.
There will be a few extra practices for these
teams too.
Select Teams
There will be an extra fee (~$70).
Players are Selected. We assume that everyone
wants to be on the team. Volunteering is not
Criteria for selection will include everything that
makes up a player – skills, speed, size, attitude,
smarts, etc
Expectations of Everyone
We expect players (and parents) to understand and
appreciate the wonderful gifts and sacrifices that flow
between all members of our lacrosse community
Please remember this during times of frustration,
disagreement, or disappointment.
I have heard lots of comments over the years about
“Geez, I wish they had this when I was a kid.”
Also, remember that you are representing Canby
Lacrosse, Canby, and your family (as well as yourself) in
all things you do with us.
Expectations of Players
We expect players to be committed to
lacrosse in the spring.
We expect kids to be EARLIER than we
say to everything. And, when we give a
time for arrival, it is meant to be ready to
go – geared up – by that time.
Practice EVERY day. That is the single
biggest source of improvement.
Expectations of Players
If you want to get better, you will. We will do
whatever we can to draw that desire out of each
and every young man.
Practices are VERY important – missing practice
hurts the individual but it hurts the team too.
We expect kids to take coaching in the way it is
intended – as a means to get better.
We expect kids to try to do what we ask of them.
Expectations of Parents
Read email!
Parents of players are responsible for
getting the kids to the events.
We expect parents to be positive and
– Definitely not loudly critical of officiating or
directing comments to the opposition.
Help your sons grow through the
experiences that they encounter.
Be positive and supportive of all of the
team members.
Expectations of Parents
Let us be the coaches.
Parents are expected to watch the game on the
opposite side of the field from the teams.
– If field conditions don’t allow that, then parents should
be beyond the players on the sideline.
Resist the temptation to go to the bench.
– There may be times – when your son has gotten
dinged or when you want to point something out to
him – when you want to come talk with your son on
the bench.
This is usually unnecessary and also causes them some
embarrassment. If you are needed on the bench, the
coaches will summon you.
Expections of Coaches
Be organized.
Don’t give up on a kid.
Stay positive and enthusiastic.
Everyone gets a fair chance to play – that
does NOT say equal.
– As the boys get older, playing time is earned
Expectations of the Program
Play Hard, Play Smart, Have fun…
– Win some too…
Here’s some realities to expect:
– We will win some games, maybe by some large
– We will lose some games, maybe by some large
– There will be times when you can’t believe what your
son is doing – good and bad.
– There will be times when the whole group seems
confused or disorganized.
Expectations of the Program
More realities to expect:
Your kids will have fun.
There will be times when something is disappointing.
It will take a big commitment to make it to everything.
There will be lots of times when we find something
out VERY late.
– Other teams will do some things that are “wrong”.
That does not make them OK for us.
Expectations of the Program
We do NOT expect to win every game and
we will not put a heavy focus on that.
– The WILL to win and compete is more
important than the actual outcome.
We do want to get better every day…
– Are you better today than you were
The 5/6 and 7/8 teams will have a single set of
jerseys – one color.
– If we show up and both teams are wearing the same
color, we will wear some practice jerseys over the top.
The coaches will have these with them.
Game Shorts: We are getting a new set of game
shorts for youth players.
Game Shorts & Jerseys must be returned after
the season.
– The new game shorts can NOT be purchased.
The Game – Basic Idea
Lacrosse is much closer to soccer and
basketball than to football. Lacrosse is NOT a
collision sport.
– At the youth level, most situations where a man is hit
to the ground will be a foul.
The gear is for protection from the ball and stick,
not from other players.
FYI: There is a new ball this year. It must have the
NOCSAE stamp on it to be legal. It is slightly lighter than
the previous ball.
Physicality of the Game
Pushing IS OK (except at 3/4 level)… If the ball
is close and it is NOT done from behind.
If stick is involved in a push, the hands must be
together – if they are separated, it is a crosscheck.
Hitting the opponent with your stick is a penalty,
especially if there is no intent to hit their stick.
This is a slash.
By rule, any one-handed stick check (even when
there is no contact) is a slash.
There are other penalties too.
When all is said and done…
The most successful teams are the ones
that can pass, catch, shoot, cradle, and
scoop consistently and consecutively, and
defend and get the ball loose.
Contact Info…
Curtis Nelson
– [email protected]
– 503-263-2059
First High School JV and Varsity
Games are THIS coming Tuesday at
6:30 and 8:00 against Newberg.
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