To be nominate a Key Clubber for this award send the above

How you and your club can help others
with special needs
What is SNAP?
• SNAP stands for Special Needs Awareness
• This project was created by our current
Governor, Lauren McAllister
• To be considered a 'SNAP Governor's
Project’, Key Clubbers may complete a
service project with or for anyone with
special needs
The Purpose of SNAP
• The purpose of SNAP is to emphasize the Key
Club core value of inclusiveness by
incorporating others with different skills and
What can you do to get
involved? Part 1
Aktion Club
• Aktion Club is a part of the KFamily designed for adults who
have special needs. Aktion
Club members run meetings
and go to service projects just
like Kiwanis members.
• You can volunteer alongside
Aktion Club members when
they have service projects and
support their volunteer work.
Special Olympics
• Special Olympics provides sports
training and athletic for children
and adults with intellectual
• Gives them opportunities to
develop physical fitness,
experience joy and allows them
to show their skills and friendship
with their families
Tennis For Fun
• A free tennis clinic for
athletes with special needs
• Provides athletes with an
opportunity to have fun
and learn basic skills of
tennis while socializing
Other Organizations
Give Kids The World (
St.Vincent's Hospital (
Buddy Baseball (
Heavenly Hooves (
What can you do to get
involved? Part 2
Project Ideas
• Set up a buddy system for kids with special
needs at your school.
• Make gifts for kids in the hospital.
• Work with physically challenged kinds on an art
• Hold a prom for special needs individuals.
• Design a campaign to promote tolerance and
understanding of differences.
Check out the Service Booklet!
Click on the
Project Tab
and you’ll be
directed to
the service
Proper Etiquette
• Speak Directly
• Introduce yourself and others with you
• Only assist if your help is requested or they
accept your offer to help
• Treat adults as adults
• Relax. They are not judging you
• Governor's Project Club Banner Patch
• This award is given to clubs who complete a substantial
amount of service towards the Governor's Project
• Governor's Project Member
• This award is given to members of the Florida District
who work especially hard in the effort of the Governor's
• Governor's Project Member of the Month
• ANY (this includes district board, and club officers) member of the Florida
District is eligible for this award, by creating and executing a Special
Needs Awareness Program project
• To be selected for this award the member's LTG , Faculty Adviser, or Club
Officer must send
• 1. a photo of the member
• 2. Their name, school, and position
• 3. What they did towards the Governor's Project that makes them
deserving of this award
• (The monthly winner will have their photo and their project posted to
the District website, and they will be recognized at DCON)
• To be nominate a Key Clubber for this award send the above information
to [email protected]
Have questions?
Need assistance planning a SNAP project?
Contact the Governor's Project Committee
Chair, Taylor Paddock at
[email protected]
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