USG Club Leadership Guide - Undergraduate Student Government

Club Leadership Guide
A quick guide to USG policies and procedures
Kathryn Michaud
Treasurer 2014 – 2015
Last Revised: January 2015
Fall USG Deadlines
Spring USG Deadlines
Club Contact /Campusvine Updates
*Must be redone each year even if the eboard members are constant.
1. Log on to Campusvine to make sure they have an account.
2. Attain a signature card from USG website.
3. Complete signature card and make sure members can log on to Campusvine with the email addresses
4. Submit the signature card to the USG front desk.
5. If your club is not updated within 2 business days, it is because the email address provided on the
signature card did not work. If this happens, you must schedule a meeting with the USG Treasurer.
1. Front desk distributes copies of the signature card to the accounting office and USG Treasurer.
2. USG Treasurer then adds the new contacts to Campusvine and email lists unless the email provided by
the club is not linked to a Campusvine account.
*The USG Treasurer cannot add any email addresses to Campusvine that are not linked to an account. It is
the CLUB’s responsibility to follow up on this and let the treasurer know if they make an account after
submitting the signature card.
Michaud - 2014
Voucher Process
1. Club members must all sign vouchers such that USG has at least 2 weeks to process
the vouchers.
2. The Administrative Director checks that all required documents for liability and
processing are submitted and approved.
Examples: off campus trip forms, food permits, W-9’s, contracts, services
rendered forms, invoices, receipts, etc.
3. The USG Treasurer checks that the appropriation abides by NYS and federal laws,
SUNY Chancellor Guidelines, USG Constitution, USG Financial Bylaws, USG Standard
Operating Procedures, USG Code, University Policies, and the club’s constitution.
4. Fiscal Agent approval and processing.
5. Bookkeeper approval and processing.
6. Check is cut or order is placed.
7. Club picks up check or order.
Michaud - 2014
New Vender Process
1. Go to the USG website, “Treasury” tab, then “Campusvine” tab.
2. Complete the vendor form.
3. Click Submit.
4. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days.
5. You must give at least 1 week for this to be processed.
6. You will be notified if the vendor is added.
Why does this take so long?
• When we have to add a new vendor, we have to contact them to check that they
acknowledge we are tax exempt, that they will accept our checks, know our
policies, are from the United States, will give change and receipts, have the
proper insurance, are legal, etc.
• It takes time because the vendor usually needs time to check these things too.
Michaud - 2014
Reimbursement Process
Details can be found in Section 109 of the Financial Bylaws.
1. Clubs must complete the Reimbursement Request Form from the USG website (this is
different than Campusvine).
2. Clubs must email the form to the USG Treasurer to get prior approval at least 2 weeks in
advance of the event and before the club purchases the items.
3. The Treasurer will respond via email whether the reimbursement is approved or not.
Only documented approvals are allowed.
Certain types of items are not reimbursable under any circumstances, such as but
not limited to NYS tax, bottle deposits, lodging/hotels, etc.
4. The club then creates the reimbursement voucher and turns in all receipts and other
supporting documentation as would be done for a regular voucher.
*Any reimbursement request that was not approved by the USG Treasurer prior to
purchasing the item will NOT be approved under any circumstances as stated in the
Financial Bylaws.
Michaud - 2014
Picking up Orders
1. The accounting office will call eboard members to pick up ordered items based on
the club signature cards.
2. It will be stated on the voucher if the item is considered an asset by the Treasurer
or Fiscal Agent.
a. Items considered assets require the eboard member picking up the item to
go to the ticket office and check in with Elizabeth Frisenda prior to being
able to pick up the order from the accounting office.
3. An eboard member goes to the accounting office to pick up the item and must
follow Elisabeth’s instructions in the case of an asset.
*Only eboard members may pick up orders and will have to sign off when picking up
the item(s).
Michaud - 2014
Picking up Checks
• Checks will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays this year at the USG Front
Desk, SAC 202 during business hours.
• Checks are printed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but do not get to the office until
the afternoon and need to be processed.
• Any vouchers that are not on the Fiscal Agent’s dashboard on Campusvine by 8:00
am on a Tuesday or Thursday will not be able to be processed during that day’s
check run.
• Vouchers are processed in a first come, first serve fashion. If your check is late, it is
probably because you did not submit all of the required documentation at least 2
weeks in advance.
Hotel Booking
Contact information: Collin Bartoldus
[email protected]
1. Get off campus trip approval.
2. Submit vendor request form if need be.
3. Make sure hotel accepts third party authorizations. Have hotel rooms on hold with a personal
card. **You must have this transferred to the USG card as hotels are not reimbursable.
4. Create the voucher (not a reimbursement).
5. Make sure all of your club members sign the voucher.
6. Once the Administrative Director (Tom) approves the voucher, it will go to the USG Treasurer
(Kathryn) for approval, then to the Fiscal Agent (Gina). Once Gina sees the voucher, your club
can do the following to complete the booking process:
1. Complete the following form:
2. Schedule an appointment with USG Assistant Treasurer, Collin Bartoldus.
Michaud - 2014
At the appointment we will transfer the reservations from your personal card to the
USG credit card and handle any third party authorizations.
If you do not have a personal card, please contact Collin to make a special booking
All appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
Rental Car Booking
Contact information: Collin Bartoldus
[email protected]
1. Get off campus trip approval.
2. Create voucher on Campusvine.
3. Make sure all of your club members sign the voucher.
4. Once the Administrative Director, Tom, approves the voucher, it will go to the USG Treasurer,
Kathryn, for approval, then to the Fiscal Agent, Gina. Once Gina sees the voucher, your club can
do the following to complete the booking process:
1. Complete the following form:
2. Schedule a booking appointment with USG Assistant Treasurer, Collin Bartoldus.
1. At the appointment we will call the rental company and request a Purchase Order
form be faxed over to complete payment and finalize reservations.
2. If you would like to expedite the process (and help guarantee your reservations), you
may call Enterprise (or other company) ahead of time and ask them to hold the
car(s)/van(s) until your booking appointment with Collin.
3. All appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
Michaud - 2014
Off Campus Trips
• Complete Off Campus Trip forms as directed by your advisor in Student Activities or
Campus Recreation (club specific).
• Must follow the 2 or 3 week policy as required by Student Activities depending on the
level of the trip. This includes voucher submission.
• Your trip/event is not guaranteed to be able to occur if all pertinent information
is not submitted to USG at least 2 weeks in advance.
• Vouchers for off campus trips that are not approved by Campus Recreation or Student
Activities will not be processed until we receive confirmation of the OCT approval.
• Off campus trips have other forms associated with them depending on the trip: LENS
Checks for drivers, hotel booking form, code of conduct, etc.
Michaud - 2014
Grant Process
Grant applications are on the USG website. You do not need the password or to unprotect
the document in order to complete it.
1. Make sure all relevant documentation is completed (off campus trip forms, etc).
2. Email supplemental documentation and the grant application to the USG Treasurer at
least 4 weeks prior to the event.
3. The USG Treasurer will email you within 1 week that they received the application and
when Grant Committee will review it. A club member is expected to attend the
meeting to present the application and answer questions.
4. Grant Committee will vote on it.
5. 3 days must pass to allow for the USG President to possibly veto the grant.
6. The allocations approved by the committee will be added to Campus within 10
business days. If you do not have access, you must contact the USG Treasurer.
Michaud - 2014
USG Expectations of Clubs
Know and abide by the Financial Bylaws, USG policies and procedures, your constitution, and
university policies.
Utilize the website and resources available.
Follow up with us via email or meetings to address concerns.
Regularly check your emails that were submitted on the signature card.
Risks of not complying:
Loss of line budget status
Loss of University recognition
Your budget is revoked and you are sent back to being a probationary state club.
You have to go through the SSC process in order to get back to line budget status.
You cannot apply for a line budget during the Spring Budget Period for the next academic year
You cannot receive and USG grants
This is through Student Activities.
Not being recognized by the university means you cannot book space, practice, or host any events on campus.
You cannot get funding through the university, including USG
Legal charges
Breaking university policies often result in these
Michaud - 2014
USG vs Student Activities
USG – Undergraduate Student Government
Funds clubs that qualify
Is student run, not full time positions.
Organizes the concerts and SAB events on campus
Works with administration to represent students on various issues, such as the GPNC policy
Manages Campusvine and the USG website
SAC – Student Activities
Manages booking spaces / scheduling for club events
Handles club annual registration
Provides Weekend Life Grants
Is responsible for SB Life
Requires forms for university liability, such as off campus trip forms, food permits, etc.
Michaud - 2014
Common Reasons for Loss of Line
Budget Status
Not abiding by your constitution
Not hosting at least 3 General Body Meetings per semester
Not holding elections according to your constitution
Not using funds for an event each semester
Over spending your budget
Violating university policies
Going on an off campus trip without approval from Student Activities or Campus Rec
Not having a budget for 2 years in a row
Attaining a reimbursement for any amount without prior approval from the USG Treasurer
Losing receipts to checks
Breaking any Financial bylaws
Having a constitution that does not abide by the USG governing documents (mainly Constitution and
Financial Bylaws)
Not being registered with Student Activities
Michaud - 2014
USG Contact Information
USG Office: SAC 202
Accounting Office: SAC 229
Student Activities Office: SAC 218
Ticket Office: SAC Lobby
Administrative Director:
Contact for questions related to liability paperwork requirements.
Thomas Kirnbauer -- [email protected]
Contact for all financial and process related questions.
Kathryn Michaud -- [email protected]
Walk-in Hours: Wednesdays 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Vice President of Clubs & Organizations:
Contact for starting a new club and SSC processes.
Kim Pacia -- [email protected]
Michaud - 2014
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