Sunshine Law Overview - Florida Governor Rick Scott

Welcome to the
Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection
Administrative Meeting
Today, Tuesday, May 1, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or upon completion.
WHERE: Florida Department of Transportation
605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
NOTES: The Florida Channel will be broadcasting and streaming this meeting live on
The general public is encouraged to attend. However, as this is an administrative meeting, public
comments will be accepted during subsequent meetings of the Task Force.
Please, no signs will be allowed in the auditorium.
The public is invited to provide input by e-mailing the task force at:
Follow the Task Force on Twitter @FLCitizenSafety.
2012 Sunshine Law Overview
Patricia R. Gleason
Special Counsel for Open Government
Attorney General Pam Bondi
Florida's Government in the Sunshine Law, commonly
referred to as the Sunshine Law, provides a right of
access to governmental proceedings at both the state
and local levels. The law is equally applicable to elected
and appointed boards and has been applied to any
gathering of two or more members of the same board
to discuss some matter which will foreseeably come
before that board for action.
Sunshine Law Overview
There are three basic requirements :
1) Meetings of public boards or commissions must be
open to the public
2) Reasonable notice of such meetings must be given
3) Minutes of the meetings must be taken, promptly
recorded and open to public inspection
Sunshine Law Overview
Task Force Staff
• John Konkus, Lt. Governor’s chief of staff
• Thomas Dunne, Senior Government Analyst,
Office of Policy and Budget
• Michael Ramage, General Council, Florida
Department of Law Enforcement
Media questions can be directed to, Governor’s
press office. Thank you!
Jackie Schutz
Deputy Press Secretary
Governor Rick Scott
• Website:
• The public is invited to provide input by
e-mailing the task force at:
• Follow the Task Force on Twitter:
Travel Questions?
If you have a green post-it your contact is: Dawn Hanson 850-717-9210,
If you have a yellow post-it your contact is: Michelle Davila, Deputy Chief
of Staff for Administration, Florida House of Representatives
(850) 488-1450,
If you have a blue post-it your contact is: Kelly Goddard, Office of the
Senate President, 850-487-5859,
If you have a red post-it your contact is: Emery Gainey, 850-245-0140,
“To investigate how to make sure a tragedy such
as this does not occur in the future, while at
the same time, protecting the fundamental
rights of all of our citizens – especially the
right to feel protected and safe in our state.”
Governor Rick Scott
Draft Mission
The Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection
will review Florida Statute 776, listen to the
concerns and ideas of the citizens of Florida,
and make recommendations to the Governor
and the Florida Legislature to ensure the
rights of all Floridians to feel safe and secure
in our state.
Draft Guiding Principles
1. Provide forums where the citizens of Florida
have the opportunity to be heard regarding
their concerns with Statute 776 and
recommendations for change.
2. Develop trust by bringing objectivity to the
meetings, listening with an open mind, and
maintaining a calm and productive
Draft Guiding Principles
3. Ensure an open and honest discussion of
relevant laws, rules, regulations, and
4. Identify any viable options and opportunities
that may prevent tragedies or other such
5. Protect the rights of all Floridians to feel safe
and secure in our state.
Draft Scope of Work
• Determine where and when public hearings
should be held in the state with a rationale for
locations based on Guiding Principles.
• Define the listening processes to be used in these
public hearings, as well as any methods for
soliciting ideas that will be made available to the
• Develop communication plan with multiple and
varied media forms to ensure all interested
citizens have the opportunity to receive the
location and listening process information.
Draft Scope of Work
• Review and discuss Statute 776 for areas of
controversy while maintaining a focus on
Citizen Safety and Protection.
• Conduct meetings and consolidate
information including relevant data.
• Prepare a report for Governor Scott and the
Florida Legislature.
Calendar and Meetings
• Schedule availability
• Locations and rationale
• Process for meeting agendas