Aspen Falls Internship Orientation Presented By Janelle Lorens

Presented By
Janelle Lorens
Volunteering for the City
of Aspen Falls
 Gain valuable work experience
 Apply your educational experiences to the real
 Learn about the city in whch you live
 Expand your network
Our Mission
It is the continuing mission of the City of Aspen Falls to
maintain an environment that is dedicated to the
security of our residents and that fosters the growth
and development of a community.
A Few Policies and
 Dress codes
 Staff parking
 Compensation
 Schdules and hours
 Safety and security
Build Your Resume
 Improve your skills
 Customer service
 Communication
 Participate in community events
 Demonstrate your ablity to work in a municipal
Join the Team
At Aspen Falls Cty Hall
Department List
 Administration
 Parks and Recreation
 Finance and Legal
 Engineering and Planning
 Water and Power
 Education
By volunteering
with Aspen Falls,
the City benefits
from valuable
assistance and
you benefit from
valuable business