Erap (Joseph Estrada) and his impeachment

(Joseph Estrada)
and his impeachment
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President Joseph Estrada AKA Erap
has been president from June 30,
1998 to January 20, 2001 with his
vice president, GMA. He was accused
involved with different things that he
did including the illegal numbers
game AKA jueteng. He stayed in court
until the EDSA 2. He was forced to
leave and fled away.
Among the Following Programs that he did were
1) Agrarian Reforms
2) Anti-crime task forces
3) Death Penalty
Agrarian Reforms
The Estrada Administration widened the
Comprehensive Agrarian Reforms
Program AKA CARP. He donated a total
of 523,000 hectares of land to 305,000
farmers during his 2nd year of
presidency. At 1999, he created
Executive Order 151 AKA Farmers Trust
Fund which made famers farms bigger.
Anti- Crime Task Forces
One problem every president so far faced
was peace and order so Erap built
Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task
Force AKA PAOCTF to minimize the
kidnapping in our program. Panfilo
Lacson became the head the PAOCTF.
They were also able to restore the
peoples trust to the Police.
Death Penalty
This program was already done when
Fidel Ramos was here. According to this
law, some crimes would be punishable
by death. Erap thought it would help
our crimes go down because of fear. But
it did not go down and there were more
than 500 executions. Since the
Philippines was a Catholic country,
Erap decided to lower the deaths until
the year 2000.
One of the problems was the Moro
Islamic Liberation Front AKA MILF. At
first, he tried doing peace talks but they
said that they wanted to be independent
and they violated a lot of rules and so
Erap declared an all out war against the
MILF. Another Problem was the peace
and order which he already took care of.
Erap was accused of many things. He was
reported by Chief of Staff Aprodicio
Laquian to have spent long hours
drinking with suspicious people at
midnight. He was also accused for
corruption. At October 2000, an
acknowledged gambler said that he gave
Estrada P400,000,000 as payoff for
Illegal gambling profits. Governor
Luis Chavit Singson made an
impeachment on Estrada on
November 13, 2000 but it failed. The
accuses were then transformed to a
trial. During the trial, some TV
channels focused all there attention
on the trial including ABS-CBN.
There were witnesses and evidences
including the bribery of the Jueteng
and his secret bank accounts.
However, the president’s legal team said
that they had no evidence for the bank
accounts but at the year 2000, they
found proof. Singson was one of the
witnesses of Estrada and he feared that
he would try to get power. Later on he
and some others witnessed Estrada
signing a false name Jose Velarda on a
banking document. So on they were
able to beat Estrada and force him out
of the Malacanang Palace with the help
of the people power revolution 2. And
Gloria succeeded him as new president.
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