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Claremont Sunday
CST 101
Claremont School of Theology (CST) is your seminary.
One of 13 United Methodist seminaries in the US, CST is
officially designated to serve the people of the California
Pacific and Desert Southwest Annual Conferences. For
more than 50 years, CST has educated women and men of
Cal-Pac to become leaders for the Church.
Today, more than 300
resident clergy
throughout Cal-Pac are
CST alumni/ae.
Why Celebrate Claremont Sunday?
Claremont Sunday is a moment of thanksgiving.
Today, we give thanks for the
relationship between our church and
our seminary that makes it possible
for the United Methodist Church to
live out its Gospel mission.
Theological education is impossible
without our churches. They are the
beating heart of our faith - the place
where faithful followers of Jesus come
for nourishment and are pumped back
into the world inspired by the Gospel.
Why Give?
Today, a special offering is being
taken to support the Young
Clergy Initiative - a new program
of CST and Cal-Pac to lift up the
next generation of United
Methodist leaders.
Your financial gifts will help to support a staff person dedicated to
our shared mission in developing young leaders for our Church.
And it will help to provide the resources for that person to work
directly with the churches and people of Cal-Pac.
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