Tools and Rules Workshop Powerpoint

Tools & Rules
Workshop for
First Year Engineers
Tools & Rules Workshop
Today’s Agenda
• MyDegrees
• Important policies & deadlines
• Bookmark important websites
• Advising appointment logistics & your roadmap
• Email etiquette
• Scheduling your first advising appointment
• “Homework” for your first advising appointment
• Questions?
Summary of what you can find here:
• Add/drop classes
• Pay your bill
• Blackboard
• Links to campus involvement opportunities
• MyDegrees
• And so much more…
What is the MyDegrees program?
• Degree Checklist
• Planner
• What-if tool
• Checklist Notes
When do I register?
• Your registration status and times will be
available approximately week three or
four for the next term
• Can be found in MyOSU, under Student
Tab, in Registration Tools box
• Phase 1 versus Phase 2
OSU & COE Deadlines & Policies
• Course Catalog:
• Also linked on MyOSU
• Special way to find Bacc Core classes
• Academic Calendar
• Find under “Registration Information” on Homepage of Catalog, also in
• Classes start, classes end, finals week
• Add deadlines (Friday of Week 2 with instructor permission)
• Drop deadlines (Friday of Week 2)
• Withdraw deadline, S/U deadline (Friday of Week 7)
OSU & COE Grading Policies
What does S/U mean?
• Literally: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading,
versus A-F grading
• C- or better will get you the “S”, lower than that
will give you an “U” and you will not get credit
for that class
• Neither the “S” nor the “U” impact GPA
• You can NOT S/U any classes required for your
major, usually only Bacc Core classes that are
not also required for your major
• You need a signed form from your advisor to
S/U a class – this must be turned into the
Registrar’s office by 4:45pm on Friday of Wk 7
OSU & COE Grading Policies
‘C’ policy in Engineering versus OSU
• Every class must be passed with a C or higher, except for the
Baccalaureate Core that isn’t double counted in the major
Re-Take Policy:
• Second graded attempt is what sticks in your GPA calculation
• Retaking a class to replace the grade for your GPA only works if
you took the class both times at OSU
• CAVEAT: For pro-school application GPA factoring the College of
Engineering will use the second graded attempt no matter
where you took the class
• A course may not be repeated on an S/U basis if it was taken
previously on an A-F grade basis
OSU First Year Home Page
• Advising
• Weekly Advising Tips
• Academic Advising Syllabus
• First-Year Skills Requirement in the
Bacc Core
• Getting Involved
• List of clubs across campus
• Events on campus
• On-Campus living resources
Helpful Websites to Bookmark
• Online Schedule of Classes
• First Year Engineer webpage
• COE Advising Information and GPA calculator
• Engineering Computing Support
• Click on the Helpdesk quicklink for their location & hours
• OSU Alert Home Page –
Email Etiquette
What is wrong with this email?
Email Etiquette
What is done well in this email?
Email Etiquette
• What makes a good email?
Use your OSU – ONID/gmail email
Include a Subject
Start with salutation
Use appropriate title
Well written
Include name and OSU ID number
• Many people across campus will/cannot reply to non-OSU
email addresses.
• Check Your ONID D.A.I.L.Y.
Scheduling Your First Advising Appointment
• Weeks 3 – 9
• Registration for Freshmen begins Week 9/10
• The more credits you have already completed the earlier you get to
• You will need to have an advising appointment before you can register
• Open your Fall Schedule to ensure you schedule your
appointment during an open time
• Student Tab
• Registration
• Add/Drop Class
• Schedule by Day/Time
• Find your advisor’s calendar on the First Year Engineering
Website and schedule an appointment!
Advisor/Advisee Responsibilities
• Add Image
Advising Appointment Logistics &
Roadmap to Success
• Being prepared for your advising appointment
• Be on time
• If you need to cancel go back into the calendar and click the ‘x’
• Check in on the iPad in the College of Engineering Student Services Office
(Batcheller 151)
• Come prepared with your homework completed (good faith effort)
• Bring any questions you have
• Advising appointments are 30 minutes so schedule your appointment
when you have time to be there for the full 30 minutes
• Using the Roadmap to Success
• When do you have advising appointments this year?
• What if you need to drop in with a “quick question”?
• Walk-In advising is offered between 4:00 and 4:30, Monday through
Friday. Come to Batcheller 151 to check in.
Roadmap to Success
• Class Plan in MyDegrees Planner for Winter term
• Utilize the Academic Plan for your major and the Online Schedule
of Classes to develop your plan for winter term classes
• Be thoughtful – the academic plans online are generic and adjust
accordingly for YOU and where you are in things, what you have
already taken, etc.
• This isn’t set in stone, doesn’t have to be perfect, advisor will
review with you and help you fix in your appointment, but you
must at least attempt it.
• Due Date: your first scheduled advising
Have a great fall term!!
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