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Raya Heid
Professor Tracie Jones
English III DC
13 September 2023
PEER REVIEW of Kayla Hoagland’s Narrative Essay
1. Yes, the thesis is clear.
2. Yes, she uses her own ideas.
3. Yes, she explains it well, and it is very compelling.
4. The ideas throughout are developed logically and thoroughly.
5. Ethos is used effectively.
6. Pathos is used effectively.
7. Her viewpoint was mainly prominent.
8. She is talking about her experience, so there was no other opinions being handled.
9. No, but it seems she was writing from her memory and not any sources.
10. No, because she did not use sources.
11. Yes, I think it was interesting, but, in my opinion, some minor details could have been
read better. However, I don't think it affects the piece as a whole.
12. Yes, the sentences are clear.
13. Yes, the structure of the essay is very effective in swaying your opinion.
14. Yes, for the most part.
15. I saw no grammatical errors.