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Bataan's 3rd Distirict Civic Center Site Proposal (2)

Bataan's 3rd
District Civic
Center Site
Atilano L. Ricardo, Bagac, Bataan
Prepared For :
Ar.Shiela Roxas-Buce
Prepared By :
Group 3
The group has chosen the Atilano L. Ricardo site in
Bagac, Bataan, at 120.40272/14.60659, as the location
for Bataan's 3rd District Civic Center with an area of
2.74 hecatares. It is located at the heart of the four
municipalities composed of Morong, Bagac,
Dinalupihan, and Mariveles. It is carefully chosen based
on these premises:
Access of each municipality to the Civic Center.
Bagac is the chosen site due to its access to nearby municipalities,
namely Mariveles and Dinalupihan, passing through Subic and the
other district, Morong, which would be easier for users from adjacent
towns to travel to the Civic Center. As for the other districts, there is a
standard route on the way to the Town chosen for the site; hence it is
still accessible. A different alternative route would be passing through
Balanga and Pilar to get to the site.
Access to public transportation to bring people in and out of the
Maintain existing streets as vehicular, pedestrian, or open-space
corridors. The development pattern in the Civic Center, based on the
grid street system, has created a formal, spatial relationship between
the various buildings in the Civic Center. To maintain building
identity, the space occupied by the existing streets should remain
clear of visual obstructions to provide a sense of spaciousness and
formal organization within the Civic Center area.
Adjacency to public establishments such as Municipal halls,
hospitals, and Public Schools.
Civic centers serve many purposes and people and must operate
efficiently. For that reason, civic planners and their architects must
consider the external needs of the community, the internal
operational needs of the center's staff and the building itself, and
city, state, and local regulations. To meet the needs of the community
and staff, consider additional amenities that will draw more visitors
and make them feel comfortable while there. Erecting the civic center
close to public transportation will provide all community members
with easy access to the facility and help the environment by reducing
automobile emissions.
Seismic, Volcanic, and Hydro-Meteorological Hazards
The site is relatively safe, according to
https://hazardhunter.georisk.gov.ph/, a site created by PHILVOCS for
people to know the hazards of their area. It is deemed safe from
ground shaking due to a fault approximately 67.2 km south of the Iba
Fault. The site is also approximately 59.4 km south of Pinatubo, which
means it is safe from lahar but prone to ashfall. It also has low
susceptibility to landslides and experiences severe wind with a 117.1 220 kph (20- year return period); 117.1 - 220 kph (500- year return
period) if there is a storm.
Zoning and Development Control Regulations ( the site is located
at a park and recreational zone)
The park and recreation zone are allotted according to its title. It
holds the recreational activities and public parks within that city to
ensure that the users of these facilities are safe regarding their rights.
The proposed Bataan's 3rd District Civic Center will be located in a
Park and Recreation Zone in Bagac near the public establishments
where several people reside and go. Choosing this zone not only
ensures the site's publicity in terms of nearby residents, but it also
accords with the facility's purpose. It would also be easier to
recognize and familiarize the location since it will belong to the public
establishments nearby.
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