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change of state - WKST

Changing the States of Matter of water.
Matter exists in three states – what are these states –
1) Crazy state
scientifically called …
2) Loose state
scientifically called …
2) Squashed state
scientifically called …
When an atom, molecule or compound absorbs (takes in) Thermal energy (heat energy) it is transferred to
When a particle has more kinetic energy than it did before what does it start to do?
Heat in or out
Heat in or out
Heat in or out
Heat in or out
The particle (atomic) view of the three states of matter:
Kinetic energy of the particles:
(high / medium / low)
Attractive forces between
the particles:
(strong / medium / weak)
Movement of particles:
(speed and direction)
Vibration of the particles:
(fast / medium / slow)
Can you compress it:
If yes – why can you:
Can you pour it:
If yes – why can you: