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F124 5.4-Cabanas

Ma. Ryndellyn H. Cabañas
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F124 5-4: Based on what we have discussed, what do you think are some factors
that will affect the receiver’s response to the message sent to them by the source?
Explain your answer briefly
What affects the feedback of the receiver?
Eliciting the desired response from the audience is one of the main objectives of
communication and every component of the communication process might affect the goal.
The effectiveness of the source and the various factors that determine the effectiveness
affects the formulation of the message and how the message is delivered. In formulating
the message, the code, content, and treatment to be used need to be considered. Using
a code foreign to the audience lowers the possibility of understanding the message. The
content must be adjusted to align with the culture of the audience no matter how
complicated/technical the content may be. Arranging how the content is presented makes
sure that information/content is transmitted logically or chronologically. One must first
learn Arithmetic before proceeding to Calculus. Two of the most essential factors to elicit
a response from the receiver are exposure to the message and message appeals. The
exposure and attraction factor of the audience to the message is where the receiver can
be conscious of the presence of the message. Take for example the political jingles, the
car with the sound system roams the town every day so people can hear the jingle
frequently and when the jingle is catchy then the listener would likely remember and vote
for the candidate. Appeals to persuade can be love, religion, emotion, and alike. I think if
the appeal used resonates with the receiver, then the message will more likely be
received and responded to by the audience. Furthermore, the communication channel is
vital in transmitting the message. Appropriate communication channels must be utilized
depending on the audience and the message content. If one aims to elicit the response
of over a hundred million people, then mass media especially social media is the most
appropriate way to do it. The chosen communication channel can also harbor noise that
can distract the audience from the message. Overall, all elements of communication have
a direct/indirect effect on how the message is interpreted and given feedback by the