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English homework – Summary
I chose to read about child psychology because it is the branch I would like to pursue in
my future career. I have always enjoyed looking after kids and would like to help them through
their problems.
The article I read is written by Kendra Cherry and was published on a website called
Verywell Mind. The title is very straightforward “Child Psychology and Development” and it has
3 main parts. Those are the history and development, the major contexts and the last one is
essential influences in this branch.
Child psychology’s history and development is significant for today’s research and
treatment. Jean Piaget was the one to suggest that children actually think differently than
adults. Because childhood plays such an important role for the rest of our life, it is little wonder
why this topic has become such an important one within psychology, sociology, and education.
Experts focus on the many influences that contribute to normal child development, and also to
various factors that might lead to psychological problems during childhood. Today,
psychologists recognize that child psychology is unique and complex, but many differ in the
unique perspective they take when approaching development.
Next is the major contexts in this branch and how it effects child’s development. There
are three major contexts that need to be considered in the analysis of child psychology. Cultural
Context – contributes a set of values, customs, shared assumptions and ways of living that
influence development throughout the lifespan. Social Context – the relationships with peers
and adults have an effect on how children think, learn and develop. And Socioeconomic Context
– social class plays a major role in child development. All three of these contexts interact with
each other.
Last part is the essential influences for child psychology and the major ones. Child
psychology encompasses a wide range of topics, from the genetic influences on behavior to the
social pressures on development. Some of the major subjects are cognitive development,
environmental influences, gender roles, genetics, language, personality development, prenatal
development, social growth and sexual development. Child psychologists keep in mind these
subjects when they look at which practices could lead to the best outcomes for the growth of
their mindsets.
I would recommend this article for my study mates because it is really easy to
understand and gives a brief introduction into child psychology. And as the writer mentioned in
the article, the study of this branch is both wide and deep so if you want to start exploring child
psychology this article is a good one to start with.
Grēta Pļavarāja Psiholoģija 1.kurss
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