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BM project outline

Group 1 [Year]
Project Plan
Company Name: CCL Pharmaceuticals
CCL Pharmaceuticals was established in 1965, the brain child of the late Mr. Zubair Sheikh.
Currently, the CEO is Mr. Kashif A Sheikh. This company operates globally as well as in
Pakistan. It has two main product divisions
Women Health Care
Area of our study: Leadership
We believe leadership, culture, power and politics and communication, innovation play a
significant role in the running of an organization as they influence many other factors, however
leadership according to us is the key element that trumps all the other aforementioned factors.
With that in mind, during the course of our project we will study the types of leadership as
mentioned in our course, the different types of leadership as per theory are:
Autocratic leadership.
Bureaucratic leadership.
Charismatic leadership.
Democratic leadership or participative leadership.
Laissez-faire leadership.
People-oriented leadership or relations-oriented leadership.
Servant leadership.
Task-oriented leadership.
Transactional leadership.
Transformational leadership.
We will then judge which form is currently being applied by the organization and whether it is
effectively being implemented in the organization. Also, we will analyze the effect of that
particular form of leadership on culture and communication of the organization. Based on our
research and field work, we would think of suitable recommendations for the company, if we
think any may apply. The division of work within the group is as follows:
Hira Khalid
Executive Summary
Meher Alam
Adiya Farooq
Theory + Practices within organization
Warda Zahid
Explanation of current practices within organization
Sana Noor
Conclusion/ Recommendations