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Bicycle Touring Activities 1

Bicycle Touring Essentials
Time to Answer Some Open Questions!
1 What is bicycle touring?
2 Why do people choose the bicycle as their favourite means of travel for touring?
3 Do you need to be a super-athlete to enjoy cycling? What should you do before your trip?
4 How can you know if you are physically ready for your tour?
5 What is the average pace that a reasonably fit adult carrying less than 9 kilograms of
additional equipment on their bike can expect to travel at on paved roads?
6 Should you camp or stay in hotels during your tour? What are some advantages and
disadvantages of each option?
7 How can you find a good spot to camp if you decide to camp in the wild during your tour?
8 How are bicycle riders usually perceived by strangers, and how likely is it that something
bad will happen to them during a bicycle tour?
Have a look at these awesome collocations!
1 self-contained cycling trips
2 a fund-raising venture
3 to travel by bike appeals
4 to carry gear
5 to do back-to-back day rides
6 flat or mountainous terrain
7 to be perceived as non-threatening
Can You Match These Words to Their
1 terrain
a attracts or interests someone; makes them want to do or have
2 venture
b equipment or tools needed for a particular activity or purpose
3 gear
c happening one after the other without any break in between
4 appeals
d not causing fear or anxiety; not likely to be dangerous or harmful
5 back-to-back
e a risky or daring undertaking; an enterprise involving uncertainty
6 perceived
f become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or
7 self-contained
g something that is complete and independent, not needing
8 non-threatening
h a stretch of land with regard to its physical features
and chance
anything else to function or operate