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Warm up

Warm -up
Head rolls
Shoulder rolls
Swimmer stretch- swaying arms in front of chest
Bending helicopter – twisting your body while twisting and
Waist roll
Walking lunge
Side shuffles
High running
3 minute step test
24 beats per 15 seconds
After 3 minute Step test
36 beats per 15 sec
Sit and Reach
Right 6 inches
Left 3.5 inches
Zipper Test
Right 3 inches
Left 1.8 inches
Twist Test
Right – 2.8 inches
Left – 2 inches
Flexed arm – 1 sec
Curl ups – 22 reps
Cool down
Inhale and exhalewhile conquering the world
Stretch side by side with two holding hands
Hug cross arm stretch inhaling and exhaling
Zipper test stretch, one hand in the elbow
Left and right foot up
Lunge while all hands in the air
Stretch, holding hands at the box, chest out
HEIGHT M SQUARED = 1.57 M = 2.4649
BODY COMPOSITION = 19.0677106576
Right =6 inches (Low fitness Zone)
Left = 3.5 inches (Low fitness Zone)
2. Zipper test
Right 3 inches (Good Fitness Zone)
Left 1.8 inches (Good Fitness Zone)
3. Trunch
Right – 5.8 inches (Low Fitness Zone)
Left – 4 inches (Low Fitness Zone)
4. Step Test
Beats in 15 sec= 36 beats
BPM = 144 bpm
VO2max = 65.81 - (0.1847 x 144 bpm)
= 65. 81- 26.5968
= 39.2132 (Good)
5. Flex
1 sec = Low Fitness Zone
6. Curl ups
Curl ups – 20 reps – Good Fitness Zone
Before the academic year started, I thought to myself that I was
physically fit. I'm not that overweight, not too thin, my body composition is
proportioned, and I don't feel sick that much, so I can tell myself that I'm healthy.
But as time goes by that our prof teaches at PATHFIT, I gradually notice the
deficiencies in my body, it's not normal that at this age I don't even know how to
open the lid of bottled water, and open a tightly closed gas tank. I realized that I
don't have the strength, because I don't exercise much. I also don't walk much or
move around the house because I just sit all day in the online class set up. When I
do dance or exercise videos, my body hurts a lot because my body is not used to
such vigorous activities.
This health-related fitness test proved the true state of my body. When
I tried to do the flexed-arm support test, it was seen that my muscles lacked the
strength to be able to endure such a position for a long time. Because my body is
not used to moving, the results of my flexibility tests were not so good, which
ended up hurting my whole body after I performed the test. I realized that having
a proportioned body composition does not mean being physically fit and healthy.
I saw here where I was lacking, and what else I should improve on myself.
Overall, the result of my fitness test was good, and I didn't have any
injuries while performing it. That is also the importance and purpose of the warm
up and cool down that our prof made us do, to ensure that nothing bad happens
to us by conducting it. I'm glad that somehow, the result was good and I saw the
areas that I should improve for having a better physical condition. I will start
exercising little by little, until my body gets used to it, and step by step I will work
on flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. I will also nourish my body
with nutritious foods to keep my body away from serious diseases. In this way, my
body will be healthier, and having a healthier body means having a happier life.