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How To Start Going To The Gym (Work in progress)

So you have decided to start going to the gym, congrats you have probably made the best decision for
your fitness and life in general. Doesn't matter if you are doing cardio, cross fit, H.I.T or weight lifting,
the gym is for everyone.
Before we continue with the guide I would like to list some of the benefits of going to the gym:
- Better Health, your will become more fit and healthy
- More in-durance, your stamina/ability to do demanding physical work will increase
- More confidence, you will especially see this when you do weight lifting
- You will love yourself again, you will feel that you are improving and that you are making progress to something
There are a few things I need to go through before I can start the guide:
Destory Your Inner Insecure Thoughts and Excuses:
I am sure you have an excuse in your head, it could be 'the gym is too far', 'I don't feel like going', 'What if the
gym is watching me?', etc.
Now destroy them, silence them, put them down like an animal, realize that they are just thoughts and excuses
and you can still go to the gym eveDon’t let the weak side win, join the strong side!nthough you are having those
insecure thoughts
Don’t let the weak side win, join the strong side!
Set Goals:
Why are you going to the gym?
Do you want to become more fit and healthy?
Do you want to build an attractive/aesthetic physique to attract girls?
Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror and not feel shame because you are too skinny or fat?
Now that you know why you are going to the gym, we can set goals according to your 'Why'
So for example, if you are going to the gym to build an attractive/aesthetic physique to attract girls then maybe
one of your goals would be to find out the body parts girls find attractive (Don't worry we will cover this).
Now that you know your goals write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall, don't write it on-line as it
won't always be in-front of you unlike paper that is stuck on your wall.
You are just starting out so you don't need to be taking any supplements, the only one I recommend is protein
powder, later down the line you will start taking supplements but I won't cover that now.
Anabolic Window:
The anabolic window is a period of time after working out where you should take in protein, thats why you see all
these gymbros on-line saying to take protein right after your workout, however you don't need to take it right after
your workout. Studies show that the anabolic window is actually 3-5 hours long so as long as you take in protein
in that time span you should be fine
Now let's get into the guide:
Step 1: Go
Go to the gym right now, it doesn't matter that you don't have anything prepared or if you have any idea of what you are
going to do their, just show up. We are doing this so you can break that fear of going to the gym.
Once you arrive at the gym what you will do is try out the machines with light/no weight, see what each machine does, what
body part it targets, how to perform the rep, etc. Take notes of the machines that you like, if you don't know the name then
refer to the list I will provide below, ask a person in the gym or search this '*body part* machine gym'.
Gym Machines:
Leg Extension:
Pec Deck:
Lat Pull Down:
Leg Press:
Assisted Pull Up/Chin Up Machine:
Chest press:
Seated Cable Row Machine:
Adductor/Abductor Machine:
Cable Machine:
Smith Machine:
Step 2: Making your Routine
Now that you know