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Finance course Overview slides2

Welcome to Finance!!
Introduction to Course and Finance
© 2009 Pearson Education Canada
This Class..
• This class we will be covering:
1. Course Introduction.
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2
© 2009 Pearson Education Canada
Our Course
• Our course together is 14 weeks long.
• Each class is 3 hours.
• Given the amount of content we need to
cover we will typically cover two chapters in
• If you do not have one already, a scientific
calculator is a very useful tool to have.
Classroom Conduct
1. Treat everyone with respect.
2. If someone is speaking, give them the chance
to voice their viewpoint.
3. Complete reading prior to class.
4. ZERO tolerance for discrimination of any
What Are Your Standards For Me
• What standards would you like me to govern
my performance by?
• A start, stop, continue will be conducted in
week 7 to readdress or tweek these standards.
Course Outcomes
Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, the students will have reliably demonstrated the
ability to:
1. Understand how the financial system functions in Canada. (PO 1)
2. Calculate and interpret selected financial statements and ratios. (PO 1, 2)
3. Evaluate the theoretical price of stocks and bonds using historical and forecasting data. (PO
2, 3)
4. Calculate present values of investments, including annuities. (PO 1)
5. Evaluate the financial viability of culinary-industry investments, using capital budgeting
techniques, through simulation. (PO 7)
Present results of team simulation using advanced communication techniques. (PO 4, 12)
Testing Details
• All tests will be composed of true or false,
multiple choice and multiple answer
• All tests will be held online via D2L
• Your final report in week 14 is worth 35% of
your overall grade.
Assignment Details
• The investment strategy game will put you in
the driver's seat of a Finance Director
• As a team, you will be expected to determine
a strategy inline with the corporate strategy
and put the strategy into play using an
investment simulation.
Assignment Details
• In week 13 each group will be responsible for
giving a presentation based on their strategy,
experiences and results.
• Each team will be composed of approx. 5
• This presentation is worth 15% of your overall
In Class Assignments
• In class participation assignment will be worth
a total of 15% of your overall grade.
• The assignment must be attempted via D2L
discussion board
Late or Missed Tests/Assignments
• Late assignments will be deducted 10% up to
3 days late.
• All tests are open book you will need a
financial calculator.