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1. Good morning students! Here we are again in our P.E lesson 101. This time we
2. will talk about A game that is familiar to you, any guess? If you’ve thought about
3. table tennis, then you got it right. Yes, we will be discussing about table
4. Tennis today. So, what is table tennis then? Table tennis is a common sport and
5. an indoor activity. This game can be played in singles wherein there are two
6. players competing. This can be played also in doubles wherein there are two
7. teams competing. This sport makes an individual develop speed and agility that
8. promote good body condition. It resembles tennis, but is played in a table top
9. with wooden paddles and small hollow plastic ball. In playing table tennis, there
10. are health benefits that will help you develop your mental and physical being.
11. With eyes on the ball and a hand on the paddle, table tennis, naturally promotes
12. an improvement of hand–eye coordination. It develops mental awareness too. It
13. improves our core muscles, burns calories, maintain overall wellness, and
14. improves our balance. Interesting isn’t it? Table tennis is indeed a fun game. So
15. why not learn more about it? Let’s dig in! Together, we will learn all about it’s
16. History, The equipment of table tennis, Basic rules of table tennis, benefits
17. of table tennis and Injury prevention and Risk management. Are we all set to
18. learn? Come on and listen as we go through what’s in for us in this lesson.
19. Let’s first discuss about the History of table tennis, Table tennis (or ping
20. pong) had become fashionable in the year of 1880’s among the upper classes of
21. England. In the year 1901 John Jacques register then name Ping pong as a
22. trade name in England. The American rights to the name are sold to Parker
23. Brothers. Table tennis was also brought to China via Western settlements.
1. equipment of table tennis,
2. 1st, Ball – The ball that is used in the game is a 2.7 gram, a small celluloid ball
3. that is usually colored white or orange depending on the preference of the player.
4. 2nd, Rubber, Racket or Paddle – It is another important piece of equipment that is
5. used in hitting the ball back and forth on the table.
6. 3rd, Table tennis table – Included of the list of important table tennis equipment is the
7. table where the game is to be played. The size of the table must be 9 ft. long, 5 ft.
8. wide and must be place 30 inches high from the ground. Basic Rules of Table
9. Tennis Scoring and games – Games are played to 11 points. Player serves two
10. serves each, alternating. Legal serving – You must throw the ball up straight,
11. from a flat palm, at least 6 inches (16cm) Equipment Basics – A table tennis
12. racket must be one side black, one side any approved color.
13. Benefits of Table tennis 1. It improves hand– eye coordination, 2. It
14. improves reflexes, 3. It’s easy on the joints, 4. It burns calories, 5. It’s a social
15. sport, 6. It keeps your brain sharp, 7. It improves balance. Injury Prevention
16. and Risk Management The most common table tennis injury is very similar to
17. standard tennis injuries. Sprained ankles, tennis elbow, and Achilles tendinitis
18. are just three of the most frequent table tennis injuries. Table tennis is a non19. contact sport but injuries are often acquired when athletes suddenly changed
20. position or twisted their body quickly, leading to pulled muscles and other injury
21. problems. Players who do not warm-up properly stretched their muscles before
22. taking to the table also put themselves at a high risk of injury.