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Booty plan

Chiara Pugliesi
IG: @chiara_pugliesi
Welcome to my Ultimate Booty Plan
Well done for deciding to join my fit famiglia. You are now part of a
community of strong, determined and positive women who lift each other up
and work hard to achieve their goals.
If you work hard and are willing to put in the work, then I know you will be
Before you start, make sure you read the following recommendation page
and don’t skip any writing as I carefully explain how the guide works so that
you can achieve your goals faster.
You will find a meal plan and an 8 week glute workout plan. Make sure you
don’t skip any leg day as it will impact your progress.
Every day of the meal plan has been strategically written to match your
training patterns. If you decide to change a training day (e.g. from Monday
to Tuesday), then make sure you follow the right food intake explained in the
diet plan as well.
I cannot wait to see your progress. Nothing makes me more proud than
seeing my girls (or guys) achieving their dream body.
Lots of love,
Chiara xx
TAKE PROGRESS PHOTOS! Take them before you start the guide and from
then on, every 1-4 weeks. Take the photos in the same place, position,
lighting and time of day to ensure you get the most reliable progress reviews!
-I want to see your progress! Tag
@chiara_pugliesi on Instagram and let me
know how you are getting on. Send me all your progress pictures!
-Pay attention to your form and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a trainer
at your gym!
Remember that looks, and gym and how big your bum looks is not
everything! You are so much more than what you look like and for this reason
I included a
self love section at the bottom. Learn to love yourself first and
work on your self esteem as well as going to the gym.
1. Please, note that I am not a qualified personal trainer. However, you can
notice that my body has achieved results that not even many PTs have
achieved in their life. Please, note that I will only be coaching you online
meaning that I am not responsible for any injuries as I will not be physically
present at the gym with you. Please be aware that the plan is not refundable
for the amount of work it required me to write.
2. I am not liable for any injury or harm that may come from using this guide.
3. Resale or sharing of this guide is illegal, and unfair and will be prosecuted
as such. Please acknowledge the effort and time that has gone into creating
this guide, and respect the intellectual properties of the creator
Introduction to the Glutes anatomy
The gluteus maximus
covers the largest part of the buttocks. On the side, you have your gluteus medius which
overlaps the gluteus minimus as well. These last two muscle groups are responsible for giving
Glutes are composed of 3 different muscles as you can see above.
you that hourglass shape (hips and side booty as they are commonly called).
In order to achieve a three-dimensional shape and a better result, it is essential to target all of
the three muscles.
I have included exercises which target all the sides of the glutes in this program. In my own
experience, I found all the information from extensive research and glutes motion papers. My
biggest source has particularly been Bret Contreras, a famous glutes building scientist.
How do muscles grow?
After you workout, your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular
process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils.
These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy
(growth). Muscle growth occurs whenever the rate of muscle
protein synthesis is greater than
the rate of muscle protein breakdown.
This adaption, however, does not happen while you actually lift the weights. Instead, it occurs
while you rest. Therefore, muscle growth happens during your rest days. For this reason it is
essential not to workout the same muscle group when it is still VERY sore.
I personally recommend working your glutes three times a week with at least 2 days break in
Nutrition is very important as well, if anything , it is the most important factor which affects
muscle growth. Every individual has a daily calorie intake based on their body composition and
other factors.
The Meal Plan
I strongly recommend meal prepping your food on a Sunday especially if you are in work all day or
have a busy schedule during the week. Or you can prepare your meals the night before depending
on your lifestyle. You can freeze your food up to 5 days!
You can also add any spices and herbs to your meals, just to add some flavourings etc.
WATER is crucial during a weight loss plan! Aim to drink 3 litres per day as your body will flush out
fat faster when you drink more water.
The Meal Plan
Week 1- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 1- Glutes Workout 2:
Week 2- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 2- Glutes Workout 2:
Week 3- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 3- Glutes Workout 2:
Week 4- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 4- Glutes Workout 2:
Week 5- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 5- Glutes Workout 2:
Week 6- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 6- Glutes Workout 2:
Activation: Single leg Romanian deadlifts, Hip thrusts & Smith Machine Kick backs
Week 7- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 7- Glutes Workout 2:
Activation: Fire hydrants,hip thrusts & Kick backs as above
Week 8- Glutes Workout 1:
Week 8- Glutes Workout 2:
Love yourself simply because you deserve it
In my experience I learned the importance of loving your body and appreciating what you have right
now. It is important to understand that you are going to do this for none else but yourself. I suffered
from anorexia and had financial issues in the past as well as having to deal with many other problems
that you wouldn’t want to know. Life can be tough sometimes but the truth is that one else can help you
be happy but you.
When you start practicing
self-love you will notice that your life will be sweeter and you will attract
happiness and love. You need to be willing to put that extra effort for yourself, do it because you
deserve it.
The things that personally help me to practise self love are the following:
Have a
mantra to repeat to yourself every morning when you wake up. Go in front of the mirror and tell
yourself that you are the most important person in your life and that you deserve to achieve your
dreams. At the beginning, it will sound stupid but the more you practise it the more you will start
believing in it.
Also, find the time to write down a list of things that you are grateful for. They might be the most simple
things like waking up in the morning, the love of your family and friends or just the things you own. It’s
okay if you find it hard at the beginning, just keep doing it until you get used to it.
Finally, have a vision, a goal. Print off an image of what you really want to achieve and make sure you
look at it every morning to remind yourself why you are doing this......
I have done this for the past years and there were times when I felt stupid doing that, but now I can
really appreciate the benefits of it. Find the time to look after yourself, you are the most important
person and you deserve care. Practise self love everyday and you will start attracting positive things in
your life.
Links that have kept me motivated: