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Paybilis - Payment Methods

Paybilis, Inc.
Making payment easier than usual
 Paybilis was incorporated in March of 2013 in the Philippines operating in the PH territory
 Paybilis was hatched in Dec 21, 2012 by Ritchelle Brizuela and was later refined by its CEO.
 The company plans to innovate and disrupt the financial services industry specifically targeting
payments in the form of domestic remittance, utilities and other forms of loans may it be interest
or non-interest products.
 Concept: it’s a brand new mobile banking service that works with any existing bank accounts
and lets you pay your bills using any mobile device in an instant anywhere you are.
 Existing partnership includes: Bayad Center, RCBC, SMART Telecom, BDO, PayOn, Payworks and
 Products and Services: Payment Processing, Bills Presentment and Content Provider for Telcos
 Market Size for payments via domestic remittance, loans payment and bills payment is 152B PhP
or 3.2B USD per month
 Total addressable market 38B USD excluding retail payments
 We plan expand in Asia Pacific in the next 3 years.
A day in a life
Pay train to
go to work
Online /
access to
• Bank access
• Social Media
• Access Group
buying sites
• News
Pay for
Buy basic
• Afternoon
• Sometimes
pay for dinner
when dining
• Groceries
• SMS Load
R and R
• Tickets for
FIBA Games
• Buy airline
ticket for a
• Book Hotels
• Repay a
• Loans
• Pay utility bills
• Fastest growing economy in Asia
• Investment grade (S&P, JCRA, Fitch Rating)
• Population: 105.7M (as projected by Euro
• GDP Growth Rate: 7.8
• Median Age: 23
• Population under 40: 76%
• 2 out of 10 Filipinos has banked accounts
State of e-commerce in PH
• Payments in Domestic Remittance, Loans
Payment and Utility Payments is equivalent to
3.2B USD a month or 38.4B USD per year
• Retail Market: estimated at 230B USD
• E-Commerce: estimated at 1.2B USD
• Top Sites: eBay(PH), Sulit, Metrodeal, Cebu
Pacific, Ensogo and Amazon US
• 95% of e-commerce are airlines and travel
• 40% of Filipinos access the internet to shop and
64% of them purchased online in the past 3
• Payments, Logistics and Consumer trust are the
biggest challenges to overcome
• 4G/LTE network and proliferation of smartphones
are paving the way for m-commerce in PH
Income and demographics
Source: Bankable Frontiers Associate, SWS Survey, study commissioned by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Payment Media
 In the Philippines, payment instruments may be classified into cash or non-cash. Non-cash
payment instruments may be sub-classified generically into check payments, direct fund
transfers and card payments
 As we introduce m-payments it will be classified as non-cash
 Forms of Non-Cash are:
 Checks
 Direct debit and credit transfer
 Credit and Debit cards
 E-Money
 Stored value cards
 Electronic banking
 Telco Operator Billing / VAS
Payment Method and other components
Funding type
Access Channels
Access Device
Main Usage
•Other Telco network
•Branch / ATM
•Mobile Phones
What we see in the near future
External forecast of suppliers
 Mobile internet
 Internet coverage will be widespread in the next 10 years
 Mobile internet will be like SMS – Just PASALOAD 5 years ago
 Internet usage through mobile devices will overtake desktop/pc usage
 Telcos
 The switch from 3G standards into all IP network infrastructure (4g) will turn mobile operators to
broadband providers.
 Data services and its VAS will converge
Our forecast and vision on m-payments
 On Payments
 Convergence of virtual and physical payments: mobile payments will significantly replace
physical currency. The mobile channel will play a significant role in delivering financial services
systems that can be managed by mobile devices, be they loans, savings, payments and transfers.
 Banks will replicate what they have done in online channel to mobile
 Convergence of utility payment and retail payment
 Convergence of mobile and online platforms: the emergence of personal, unified cloud-based
platforms that are accessible from any mobile device
 Money transfer beyond mobile banking.
 Mobile Money will be gain more traction
 The mobile phone will slowly replace your wallet. Not only will you be able to manage your money
via your mobile phone and use it to pay for products in authorized retail outlets both online and
offline, but mobile money transfer will extend to peer-to-peer.
 Everyone will become a walking 'cash' register.
Thank you
Israel Brizuela - Founder Paybilis, Inc.
Email: israel.brizuela@pay8bilis.com
Trunkline: 859-2888 Direct line: 404-2473
Mobile: +63 917-8405962