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essay task2

In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people.
Why might this be the case?
Do you think it is a positive or negative situation?
It is important for people to own rather than rent a house in some countries such as China. This is
because the culture of a country thinks that owning a house makes the person feel safe which is why it is
important for some countries with the same culture. This essay will discuss why it is a negative situation
for people to think owning a house rather than renting one is very important.
On the one hand, although it is very expensive to buy a house, there are still many people saving most of
their income just to buy a house. Why is this happening? For example, for Chinese, they must buy a
house if they are going to marry a girl and owning a home make most of the people feel safe. However,
most of the people are still not able to purchase a house. Meanwhile, when more people are saving
money, the country’s cash flow will decrease, and it will lead to a negative effect on the economy.
On the other hand, instead of buying a house, renting one could also be a good option as it reduces
people’s stress on financial issues and could increase cash flow. In spite of saving most of the money and
having lots of pressure, they could use the money on more important and useful things such as investing
in a business or spending on entertainment to maintain a good living standard. Additionally, the total
cost of renting a house for your entire life might be lower than the cost of buying a house in some
countries when the price is very high. Therefore, it depends on the price of a house whether it is worth
to buy or better to rent.
In conclusion, I think enjoying your life without any financial pressure is the most important thing and
there are many people who could not afford to own a house. So from my point of view, I think it is a
negative situation for people to think owning a home rather than renting one is very important.