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The Adventures Of Molly and the Mysteries of Mitosis.
The story begins with Molly the Mitochondria discovering an organelle she has
never come across: the nucleus. Looking to investigate, Molly jumps into the nucleus
where she falls down and finds herself in a place where she has never seen before. As
she wakes up, she is introduced to Willy the Wizard. Willy the Wizard informs Molly that
she has found herself in the “Nuclear Matrix.” As Willy shows Molly around, she begins
to learn about the mysteries surrounding mitosis. It is up to Molly to find the Nuclear
Envelope and return back home.
It was a warm, sunny day in the town of Cellvile. Molly was exploring
her backyard when she came across a shiny, purple globule curious as to
what might be inside, Molly reached out her hand. Suddenly, she was
pulled into the globule and found herself falling in midair.
When Molly finally woke up, she found an old ribosome looking over
her. “That was quite a fall, miss!” the old ribosome explained. “Hi, my name
is Willy the Wizard. What’s your name?”
“It’s Molly. Molly the Mitochondria” Molly answered. “Where am I?”
“You’ve entered the Nuclear Matrix!” Willy said.
Willy then handed Molly a bandaid and said, “It's been years since I
had company down here.” Molly then asked Willy how to escape, to which
he then answered,”To escape you must go through all the phases of
mitosis. But be warned. Anyone who has tried, was never seen again.” ”I
think I might have an idea on how to get out of here.” Molly whispered.
Willy then began to explain the phases of mitosis to Molly. ”Long, long
time ago there was a phase called interphase. Interphase was unique in
that for thousands of years, soldiers, called enzymes, would copy DNA in
preparation for mitosis. This was called the daily living phase of a cell.”