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Exercise 5
Magnets have the power of attracting objects
made of steel, iron and other metals.
The discoveries of the magnet and the many
things that have been made out of it have brought
about many discoveries and useful things. The magnet
makes possible the compass that was used and still
being used by travellers- pilots, sailors, boy scouts,
soldiers, engineers and others. The magnet which
makes use of electricity has made all types of electric
and industrial motors.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. Magnets can attract almost all things made
of a. plastic b. metals c. wood
2. The discovery of the magnet led to many
a. inventions b. revolutions c. problems
3. Magnets made possible the inventions of the
a. compass b. computer
c. camera
4. Pilots, sailors, boy scouts, soldiers and engineers depend much on
a. compass b. electricity c. motors
5. Magnets also make use of
a. electricity b. gas
c. water power
6. Electric and industrial motor became possible after the discovery
of a. electricity b. magnets c. water power
7. Compass is most useful to
a. farmers b. teachers c. travellers
8. Motors make use of
a. magnets b. plastic c. wood
9. These days, magnets
a. are no longer used b. are still being used c. has been replaced
10. Compass, too
a. are no longer being used
b. are still being used
c. has been replaced.
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Exercise 6
We cook our food for three reasons—to make
food look more appetizing, to soften hard and tough
foods and to kill any microbe that may happen to be in
the food.
There are many ways of preparing food. Food
can be fried, boiled, broiled, roasted, baked, steamed,
stewed or sautéed. They can be well cooked or half
It is easier to digest food that is well cooked. But
there are foods that are easier to digest when half
cooked than when well cooked. Meat and liver for
example, are easier to digest when half cooked. But
certainly they taste better when well cooked.
Many vegetables are also easier to digest when
well- cooked but some are eaten raw. Lettuce is an
example of a vegetable which is eaten raw.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. We cook our food
a. for no reason at all b. for one main reason c. for three good reasons
2. Hard food when cooked becomes
a. harder b. soft c. indigestible
3. By cooking, the microbes in food
a. multiply b. are killed c. disappear
4. Cooked food looks
a. appetizing b. frozen c. rotten
5. Generally, cooked foods are more
a. digestible b. indigestible c. nutritious
6. Meat and liver are easier to digest when
a. not cooked b. half cooked c. thoroughly cooked
7. Meat and pork certainly taste better when
a. raw b. well-cooked c. overdone
8. Vegetables are usually easier to digest when
a. raw
b. half cooked c. well cooked
9. Frying, boiling, broiling, roasting, baking, steaming, sauntering, and stewing are ways
of a. preparing food b. buying food c. eating
10. Lettuce is a vegetable that is eaten
a. raw
b. well-cooked
c. ripe
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