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SOP Sony

Sony Fulltime Application Form (Essay Form)
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General Information
Roll No.
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Reason to choose above position (Around 100 words / Maximum 130 words)
Life is full of ups and downs but we always work to lift up the quality of life. I always wanted to learn through challenging experiences
throughout my life, whose best examples are my internships, Positions of Responsibility, and Projects. My interest in research made
me to convert to Dual Degree(B.Tech.+M.Tech.) in my final year of B.Tech. and I always wanted to do research in cutting-edge
applications such as AI, especially ML and Computer Vision. I have always enjoyed Mathematics and I felt that Probability and
Statistics greatly help in developing practical solutions for complex real-world problems. Since machine learning is a relatively young
field, many potential solutions, algorithms, and uses have not yet been investigated. I could be part of a team that transforms nextgeneration products, such as Cloud Gaming services, Automotive, XR, etc... I believe that being a software engineer at a Research
Oriented company like Sony would help me in discovering new things through active problem solving and involvement in
professional activities.
Essay Questions
1. Please detail the technical skillset you will bring to the position you are applying to. Also, please describe the
initiative you have taken to provide unique contributions to a past research experience, paper publication, project,
internship, etc. Please provide a concise response in short paragraph form so that we can best understand your
story. (Around 200 words / Maximum 250 words)
I have been pursuing a minor degree in Machine Intelligence and Data science, which equip me with knowledge of Applied
Mathematics, Computer Science Fundamentals and Programming, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Modelling and Evaluation,
Neural Nets, and Natural Language Processing. Having done many projects in the field of machine learning and deep learning, I
have hands on experience working on various Python tools such as NumPy and Pandas for data analysis, Seaborn and Matplotlib
for data visualization and libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. I have implemented and measured the performance of
an Attention based Question Answering system on Factoid questions from SQUAD dataset, as part of a ML course. I have performed
Medical Imange Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and implemented Stock Price Predictor, Land Cover Classifier & Employee Attrition
Predictor using ML and DL frameworks. From my first year at IITB, I started to explore the programming and web development
sector. I learned web development in 2nd year and held two Web Manager PORs (which are given to 3rd-year students). While
working as a Web Developer I inclined more towards application development and created an AI automated chatbot during my
winter vacation. In this process, I got experience in web development tools and frameworks including JavaScript, Django, Bootstrap,
MySQL, etc. I understand that my learnings and experiences during graduation, through projects and internships have made me a
good leader, innovator and even better team player. I prefer learning through experience more than learning everything deeply
and then implementing it in practical work. This is the reason why I want to join a company where I have a lot of opportunities to
learn and grow. In the mid-term, I want to lead and manage major projects which will create a great revolution in the industry. I
believe that this role at Sony perfectly aligns with my ambitions to learn in the area of my interest and enhance my technical as well
as soft skills.
2. What sparks your motivation to work at Sony? Please envision your career path with us and/or convey any
specific goals you might want to achieve. We value self-directed work and individualized goal setting, so please
respond concisely in short paragraph form with this in mind. (Around 200 words / Maximum 250 words)
My interest in research made me to convert to Dual Degree (B.Tech.+M.Tech.) in my final year of B.Tech. and I always wanted to
do research in cutting-edge applications such as AI, especially ML and Computer Vision. I would want to work in a company that
challenges my abilities and push my limits. Sony has been pushing its boundaries right from its Inception in 1958. Its Quest to
innovate, especially in electronics and networking, matches with my interest. The work culture and collaborative spirit at Sony is
off highest order, even indicated by its slogan 'we are Sony’. This motivates me to own my work and help Sony achieve its goal of
filling the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and Technology. Sony’s ideals of innovation inclusion and collective
accessibility of Technology coupled with its high professional ethics makes it unique. My projects in Data science, internship
exploring cutting edge deep learning technologies and progress in minor degree in machine Intelligence and data science, despite
being in civil engineering, shows my interest in software innovation, ability to learn things quickly and adaptability to any situation.
I always believe that gaining knowledge, in whatever form, is a continuous process. At Sony, I get to enhance my knowledge,
sharpen my skills and thrive to better myself. I want to see myself as a Machine learning Researcher and a practitioner, assisting
organizations in extracting insights from data effectively.