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Weather forecast for 14 December 2022

Mia D’Souza, pDP 1C
14th of December 2022
Midwinter in Europe, as the most severe conditions persevere in areas of the Faroe Islands, southern Iceland
and Lapland, where the circulation of occluded fronts brings strong winds and heavy precipitation. More
clashes of fronts are present in central France and along the north of the Alps, suggesting a beginning of
similar difficult conditions. In Poland however, the temperature is abnormally low as for the last few days,
however it is probable that it will rise due to warmer winds approaching from the west and south, although the
southern one’s heat may be reduced due to its passing over the Tatra mountains, where its rise may trigger
cooling, however it is still likely to be an increase of temperature. The cold may have been caused by the
passing of a cold front now in Russia that is now causing disturbances to north eastern areas of Finland. As for
visibility, clouded areas appear mostly in the south, with Kraków fully clouded over, however the northern
half of the country clearer with a promising next few days, as a clear area has been shown to be approaching
from the north west. Precipitation is difficult to predict in these circumstances, however based on the evidence
of lowering pressure over the last few days and warmer air approaching, the air temperature still remains
below zero, making evaporation impossible. Nevertheless, some snowfall, based on past events, is to be