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Cris-Ann E. Samputon
Magnetic Compass
China has always been ahead of science and technology. Even in the past, they
essentially contributed a lot, which led to development and innovation over time, and their
inventions made man's life significantly easier and more convenient, which is quite
significant. One of their most notable inventions is the magnetic compass.
The magnetic compass was originally created for divination rather than
navigation, hence it is one of their major inventions. It took many years, however, for it to
be used for navigation - and this compass specifically helps sailors discover new
countries and trade with them, and via trading, they may genuinely learn about other
countries' cultures and ways of life.
Some scientists use the magnetic compass to physically find major correlations
between magnetism and electricity. Later, Oersted's study or research on the relationship
between magnetism and electricity aids a lot of scientists in discovering new things. One
of them is Alessandro Volta, he uses the information about electromagnetism and applied
that to the making of the battery, which is the first electric source. Until some scientists
conducted additional research and made it more convenient. In America, scientist Henry
developed the first practical electric motor and powerful electromagnets in 1831. In the
1830s he also developed the electrical relay that made the first practical telegraph
possible. In 1879 Edison and Joseph Swan independently invented practical lights that
use electricity. Micro things really led to macro things, that magnetic compass that piques
man's curiosity leads to the discovery of a lot of things.