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KIP 75 Series
Installation Checklist
Pre-Installation / Site Survey
 Refer to the KIP PRINTER PRE-INSTALLATION documents (as well as the product’s
specifications) which are to be completed prior to delivery / installation. These forms are
accessed from the KIP website (under the Partner Login – Technical / relevant model /
 Contact the user prior to performing the installation to review the completed PREINSTALLATION forms / documents. Include items such as the space required, media,
applications & LAN configurations, to ready all parties for the installation process.
If the printer is preinstalled at your location prior to delivery to the user, all shipping screws, internal
packing materials, shock absorbers (foam), shipping brackets (red) must be reinstalled prior to
movement to the user’s location. It is recommended that the printer be placed back in the shipping
crate (with all the crate’s shock absorbers and packing materials as well). If pre-installation is to occur,
unpack and install the printer using the HARDWARE SETUP PROCEDURE. Use this procedure as a
guide as well to replace the above noted shipping items (in reverse order). If the printer is to be
transported to include any aggressive angles to the product, do not ship the preinstalled developer
units / toner inside the printer!
Hardware Installation (User’s Location)
 Confirm that all required items are available for the installation process (printer paper guides,
touch panel, toner, etc) A comprehensive list of these items is found in the HARDWARE SETUP
MANUAL / PROCEDURE. This document is included with each new printer, but can also be
accessed on the KIP website under the Partner Login - Technical/KIP Model/Installation
 Confirm that there is no damage to the product due to delivery/shipment.
 Check the space requirements.
 Check for the correct power and outlet type.
 Confirm what the IP / LAN settings will be (from the IT department / source at the customer).
 Install Printer using the HARDWARE SETUP PROCEDURE noting that several items may have
been previously installed if “preinstalled” occurred at your company. (see above)
 Under “Settings” on the touch screen, configure the printer (using the Service login) as noted by
the RED tile headers
 Set the Printer Meter reading to Sq Meters/Sq Feet/Etc. Under the Service Maintenance GUI
If the device was preinstalled at your company prior to delivery to the user, the RED tile header for
various settings may no longer be “RED” as they may have been accessed previously. If preinstallation indeed occurred, ensure that every tile under “Settings” is reviewed and correct values are
set to the user’s environment. (using the technical log in / access)
 Confirm that the most recent versions of printer firmware and controller software are installed.
 Print several internal test patterns to confirm correct operation & image quality.
 Perform a B&W copy.
 Calibrate the Printer if required (LE / TE).
 Calibrate the Scanner as required (stitching / shading / white balancing / LE / TE)
KIP 75 Series
Installation Checklist
Software Installation
 Ensure that LAN settings are correctly set (under “Settings”)
 Access the printer from a user workstation by using PrintPRO.net from a web browser using the
Printer Name (or IP address) of the printer.
 Install the KIP Windows Driver and KIP ImagePro (as per the user’s requirement) noting the
guides/tutorials can be found on KIP.com (https://www.kip.com/download-apps.php). Show the
local administrator/key operator these processes for their future requirements.
 Set up a local mailbox / SMB / Cloud drives (as required) Show the local administrator/key
operator these processes for their future requirements.
 If required, adjust the PDF / HPGL imagine parameters to suit the user’s requirements. This may
include dithering type, shading type, line control, raster density, etc. To perform this, files from
the user must be printed and then adjustments to the various settings made within KIP
ImagePro, under “Configuration” then “PS Presets” / “HPGL Presets”.
 Print user files from KIP PrintPRO.net / KIP ImagePro / Windows Applications.
 Show the user guides to the operator(s) for their reference.
User Training
 Demonstrate the features of Copy, Scan, Print Queue as well as adding media, toner
replacement, mis-feed removal, KIP applications & drivers use. Refer to the KIP tutorials/videos
as required for the various features / functions located http://www.kip.com/download-apps.php
 Show the User the guides/tutorials can be found on KIP.com (https://www.kip.com/downloadapps.php).