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4th Quarter Long quiz - PS

1st Quiz
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INSTRUCTION: Encircle the letter of your chosen answer. (1 point each)
1. How fast an object is moving in a particular direction is described by __________.
a. speed
b. acceleration
c. velocity
d. displacement
2. In which case car is accelerating?
a. A car is speeding in an effort to beat the red light.
b. A car is changing lanes at constant speed.
c. A car is slowing down while making a left turn.
d. All of these
3. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?
a. speed
b. velocity
c. acceleration
4. What is the total length of path traversed and is always taken to be positive?
a. displacement
b. projectile
c. distance
d. speed
5. What is the distance a body moves in a unit time called?
a. velocity
b. displacement
c. speed
d. acceleration
6. Total distance covered in total time taken is called _________.
a. uniform speed b. total speed
c. average speed
d. variable speed
7. Which instrument can measure the speed of the vehicle?
a. compass
b. barometer
c. stopwatch
d. speedometer
8. What is the rate of change of distance traveled per unit time in a stated direction?
a. speed
b. velocity
c. acceleration
d. displacement
9. Change of distance in a specified direction per unit time is termed as __________.
a. acceleration
b. velocity
c. speed
d. directional speed
10. The displacement of an object during any time interval is always __________ the distance it travels during that
same time interval.
a. greater than or equal to
c. less than or equal to
b. equal to
d. greater than
INSTRUCTION: Show your solution on each problem. Do not forget to write the unit on every answer. (5 points each)
1. A baseball is thrown a distance of 60 meters. What is its speed if it takes 0.5 seconds to cover the distance?
2. How much time does it take for a bird flying at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour to travel a distance of 1,800
3. Bob rides his bicycle on a bike path that is 75 kilometers long to get to his house that is due east of the bike path.
If it takes Bob 15 hours then what is his velocity?
4. What is the acceleration of a car that has moved 1 km from rest to a speed of 10 m/s?